Pandemic #Business – the fight of our lives.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned from being a gym owner – X Fitness – for 19 years:

  1. There is no university degree, no college diploma, no online training, no offline training, no social media #business celebrity who can solve our business problems today – the fight versus 5th degree uncertainty, the fight versus guilt by association, the fight with unprecedented customer fear, the fight with immeasurable customer fear, the fight for control of your business by governments who tell you the future, the direction, and the status of your business every day on TV at 1pm.
  2. The government of Ontario owns my gym business. They shut us down for 4 months in 2020. They can shut us down again. The government has been able to do what no competitor, no adversity, no challenge has been able to do – shut down X Fitness. I don’t own my business any more because I can’t stop any future government shutdown of my business.
  3. I have no way of accurately determining what gym members are not joining X Fitness because of Covid fear. No survey, no amount of research will inform me with 100% certainty what all past, present, and potential customers are thinking at this moment. 
  4. Toronto gyms were shutdown today for the next month. X Fitness is not in Toronto but it is in Southern Ontario. It is impossible for me to know with 100% certainty the #effect of that news on past, present, and potential X Fitness gym members. 
  5. One of the top 51 new definitions of insanity is learning the fate of your business every day at 1 pm on TV by a regularly scheduled government announcement that resembles some weird, Fd-up Reality show. How can anyone sane, rational human justify breaking life&death news to business owners with #BreakingNews every single day, without any prior warning?
  6. I learned during 15 years of #policing that absolutely nothing is more important than #PublicSafety, nothing more important than life & death. I understand the Covid threat deeply and profoundly. I understand deeply and profoundly that public safety is more important than business. But, I don’t understand how the government is treating small businesses who are being blamed for every outbreak. I don’t understand why gyms and other small businesses are the usual suspects when we hear day after day from the government about other blatant violators.
  7. I’m still unclear about the evidence that proves gyms are harmful. 
  8. I don’t let #IBS – InternetBullshit – influence my business decisions in any way. I don’t listen to the alleged, self-proclaimed #business experts who tell you to #FindYourPassion, #BeKind, #GoalSetting, #MakeAPlan, #PositiveThinking. All of it is pure, unadulterated bullshit. Here’s my reality – our staff has to work 24-7 to strategize & improvise, to find innovative ways not to have our business killed, not let our business die, not to go broke, and not lose everything. That means we have to: (i) work our ass off like never before. (ii) grow some serious balls and show some serious balls to not lose our collective minds during a pandemic that threatens human lives and threatens business lives.
  9. Be careful of ROI. More than ever, I calculate Return on Investment in time and Mind-Body-Soul #energy. Our staff and I exercise extreme  caution to prevent #SocialMedia self-sabotage. Its easy to get trapped and wrapped int the Social Media Vortex of meaninglessness that sinks you into the swirling cesspool of mediocrity and incompetence by paying more attention to stripper #selfies than to your own business.
  10. It’s impossible to make 100% profitable decisions when you are not in control of your own business. You need the balls big enough to work with 5th Degree Focus, an unprecedented level of attention and concentration that fights all distractions. Not just some distractions. All of them.  

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro 

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