Pandemic Business Strategies

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #21,009 that I’ve learned during 19 years as a gym owner – the threat of a government shutdown is almost as powerful as the real thing.

Here are some of the conclusions we have reached from our Business Pandemic Research:

  1. Since reopening, we have experienced highs and lows in customer recruiting and retention due to several complex reasons. One of the top 26 reasons for the fluctuation is the constant threat of another government shutdown. 
  2. The constant threat of government shutdown is an abstract message that has wide-ranging customer effects because of wide-ranging customer interpretation of the government’s abstract message.
  3. Not all customers hear the news accurately. The majority of customers hear a partial message and create their own narrative. That means an unknown number of customers think that a shutdown is imminent. That perception creates fear of losing their lives and losing money by joining gyms. That fear negatively impacts recruiting & retention even though gyms are not shutdown.
  4. Government threats of a shutdown constitute Uncertain Threats. 
  5. Uncertain Threats have Uncertain Psychological Effects on current and prospective customers.
  6. Psychological Uncertainty always has and always will make it humanly impossible to make a business plan.
  7. It was humanly impossible to have predicted a pandemic before it happened.
  8. It is humanly impossible now to predict the full psychological impact of the pandemic on customers.
  9. It is humanly impossible to make long-term business predictions.
  10. Solution – strategize & improvise. RDM – rapid decision-making replaces Slow Decision-Making. We don’t make long-term plans. Instead, our plan emerges from moment-to-moment decisions. We use the same RDM Model I used as a police officer and a football coach to make tough, life&death calls – make the call based on the last call. Scripted play-calling doesn’t work in sports or policing because it’s impossible to make a call until you see what unfolded from the last call. What has unfolded gives you the Reality Evidence to make the next call.

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