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One of the many things I love about owning a gym is the climate. There is no toxic workplace climate at the gym, like the ones I escaped from. There’s not much worse than poisoned workplace climates. A polluted workplace is hell – flat-out, full-fledged hell. A toxic workplace needs a Surgeon General warning. Starting a gym from scratch was my escape from workplace hell. My gym has been a life-saver.

X Fitness has been packed during this entire long weekend, with sister and brother lifters trying to pack it on. There are 2 choices – pack on muscle or pack on fat. Long weekends tempt you to pack it on – pack on food, pack on beer, and pack on fat that seems to grow unnaturally, like it’s juiced. A packed X Fitness is lifting. Dual meaning. Women and men lifting in the middle of a summer long weekend is soul-lifting. X Fitness is a lifting climate. It lifts my soul to be in a climate where people are lifting to pack on muscle. It lifts my soul to share a climate with like-minded sister and brother lifters who won’t give in to the temptation to pack on fat.

I was a dysfunctional, obese 12-year old who packed on fat while sitting on my ass recovering from a severe broken leg and learning how to walk again. Lifting changed my life. But I fight fat every day. If you have to fight fat every day, I know the feeling. I feel your pain. I share your frustration. But beating the hell out of fat every day beats the hell out of getting fat any day. Long weekend or short weekend, summer or winter, I have to fight fat or I return to dysfunctional obesity.

I’m honoured/honored to be part of the lifter’s club with sister and brother lifters who choose to pack on muscle instead of packing on fat. It’s not easy to fight temptation. Temptation is hell, literally and figuratively. The best you can do is to give it hell. Don’t quit, be fit. I never fit in anywhere or into anything when I was obese. X Fitness is my sanctuary to get fit and to fit in. Thank you sister and brother lifters for your uplifting commitment. #KeepLifting


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