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#BusinessSurvivalSkills pt. 1. Our social media experience for #business

I lost count of how many #BarFights I responded to during my 15 year #police career. #BarFights were on of the top 5 calls for service I investigated as a #streetcop before I was promoted to #detective.

The scene of every #BarFight included:

  1. People socially engaged at varied stages of impairment.
  2. The topic of conversations included: i. Who screwed who. ii. Who was pissed off at who. iii. Who doesn’t have enough iv. Who had enough. iv. Who knew more. v. Who wanted more.
  3. 98.6% of these conversations were meaningless, soul-torturing mind-rot that often led to 5th Degree Conflict.

After investigating hundreds of #barfights and arresting uncooperative, violent suspects who caused various levels of harm to #LovedOnes and innocent people alike, and who invested more effort and exertion into resisting arrest than in achieving #PersonalBests, I reached two conclusions:

  1. My #streetcop career resembled an MMA fight career – fighting violent #barfighters who resisted arrests, trying to escape consequences.
  2. I pledged to never engage in #BarTalk to prevent mind-damage, needless stress, and conflict guaranteed to lower IQ and torture the soul.

#BarTalk and #BarFights characterize and summarize our social media experience that we have invested in for my business, X Fitness. 98.6% of our social media experience has resulted in zero ROI – Return on Investment. Zero. Waste of time, money, and energy. We have posted more meaningful #content that you can imagine and more often. We have invested heart, soul, and money into Facebook Ads. We have hired social media consultants. Then we fired all social media consultants because not one broke through the 98.6% Zero ROI barrier. Each one added to the financial losing streak. 

Here are the reasons why our social media business experience has been a colossal waste of time, money, and energy:

  1. All out social media news feed are the equivalent of #BarTalk and #BarFights.
  2. Trying to sell H.E.L.L. – Heavy Extreme Laborious Lifting – physically and intellectually in a bar is futile. Imagine interrupting #BarTalk and #BarFights with a sales pitch for hardcore workouts or a commercial for books and motivational videos. No one would listen. No one.
  3. I am allergic to #BarTalk. Exposure to social media news feeds has been dangerous to my mind-body-soul health. I stayed out of bars in my personal life because my professional life taught me that my personality is incompatible with #BarTalk. I suffer from #BarTalk. #BarTalk causes me pain. That’s not an insult. With deep and profound love and respect, if #BarTalk doesn’t cause you pain and suffering, that’s great. But, if you are allergic to #BarTalk like I am, then you have a problem if you willingly harm yourself by consuming what you know harms you. The problem is called #masochism.
  4. 98.6% of our social media news feeds are pointlessness, meaninglessness banality that express tortured souls, frustrated minds, 5th Degree Narcissism, and uniformed #bullshit by those who have done F-all but believe they know it all.
  5. 98.6% of our social media engagement has poisoned our minds and our business.
  6. 98.6% of our social media engagement has been the #1 distraction that has threatened the gym I own and the publishing company I own.
  7. Our social media experience has been the #1 regret during the past decade. It has been #ClockKillingTime – time I can’t put back on the clock.
  8. Not one second of our social media experience has enriched my life, my businesses, or made me #strongerandsmarter.

One of my many life missions is to protect my 7 grandchildren from the sewage of social media #BarTalk. I have pledged to protect my grandchildren’s mind from the poison of social media news feeds that are guaranteed to lower IQ and ruin your life by diverting you from your Divine Calling.

I confess. I became a conformist who blindly followed social media users – dual meaning. First: those addicted to useless, meaningless connections as an escape from real-life responsibilities. Second: those who use your business to profit and capitalize.

Over 50% of my professional life occurred before social media, before the Internet. I accomplished more in the pre-Internet Era than I have in PMS – Post-Modern Society. My PMS conformity damaged my personal and business mind-body-soul. I’m currently in PMS Detox. I am detoxifying from the poison I willing consumed through social media and PMS superficiality. My goal is to recover and become the productive person I was before the Internet and before social media. I am also in a second recovery that is connected to the first recovery. I’m recovering from a life-threatening illness during the past year that woke me up to the complacency I was suffering through deeply unproductive, unhealthy associations and connections that I willingly allowed to F-up my business heath and my personal health. My 50-year workout streak continued during my recovery. My workouts have saved my life in mind-body-soul since I started working out as an obese, dysfunctional 12 year-old in 1969, and working out continues to save my life today. Every 5th Degree High Performance lesson I have learned during my  50 year workout streak has translated to 5th Degree High Performance on every field, in every field I have competed in, outside the gym.

Life is truly very short. Never, ever, ever, ever become a victim of complacency.

This is an excerpt from my new business book that I’m writing called Soul-selling: dual meaning. The book explains how we have won the David versus Goliath fight and survived as an independent start-up gym for 19 years.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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