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Opportunities – secret to success

Wasted reps, deep regret. Wasted opportunities are guaranteed to lead to the regret of not capitalizing on the moments that you can’t playback. There’s no instant replay in real-life. Wasted reps add up to crushing weight.

We’re all given opportunities, more than we can count. Often we can’t see opportunities because we’re either too busy or too tired or too weak or too frustrated or too angry or too stubborn or too scared to recognize them. Depending on perspective, an opportunity is either viewed as a challenge or an obstacle. A chance to grow of a reason to quit. A chance for a miracle comeback or an excuse for not even trying. A blessing or a curse. It depends on mindset. Attitude.

If you can’t see opportunities, you’re vision is obscured. Weakness is one of the main causes. When we’re weak, we can’t muster the energy or courage to fight through the struggle. So we invent excuses, blaming it on circumstances that change the perspective of opportunity to obstacle. Change your weakness, change your attitude. Get stronger. Getting stronger instantly changes the way you view the present and the future. You will define situation differently when you find the strength. And you do have the strength. It’s inside you. The potential is there. If you want to find it you can. The choice is yours. Exercise free will and find it. Build your strength. Keep lifting.

– www.soulofalifter #24/365/xfitnessnevercloses

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