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One record that will never be broken.

Earlier this week, two NFL superstars and one superstar coach made the headlines. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said he wanted to go for two after every touchdown. Then New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees supported it. Then Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy supported it. With all love and respect, I guarantee none of them will do it. I have done it – 100% going-for-two since 1987. I guarantee they won’t because no one in the NFL can stand that kind of pressure.

I never have and never will care about the pressure from the Football Establishment about my no-kicking philosophy because those who I do care about have bought in 100% – my players. No one else will go through the pressure of a 100% 2-point philosophy. Here’s why – you will be considered a freak. You will never get hired as a paid head coach, unless you find a boss who shares your philosophy. You will never withstand the back-stabbing criticism from the media, fans, coaches, and the entire Football Establishment who refuse to change despite evidence that going for two every time works out.

I have the longest going-for-2-point streak in the history of football. I scrapped kicking point-after-TDs, field-goals, and punting for valid reasons, in 1987. For three decades, the no-kicking strategy has worked in our Football Poverty at 4 levels – high school, collegiate, semi-pro, AAU-style 19-under, 80% of the time. Even though we have overwhelming evidence that it works, the narrow-minded will never be open to accepting our hardcore evidence.

I wrote a non-fiction book about my 100% 2-point philosophy called 4th & Hell: Season One. Readers outside the football establishment sent favourable/favorable unsolicited testimonials. Every negative testimonial that blasted the book has come from inside the Football Establishment – from those who refuse to see any other side of the story but their own. Going for two after every TD angers many people because they consider it a threat to the purity of the game.

The 100% 2-point strategy is impossible to defend. Dual meaning: (i) It’s impossible for me to defend my belief in it because the Football World is not ready for it and never will be. (ii) It’s impossible for Defenses to defend  it. There is a secret to 2-point conversion success. I’ll explain that in part 2.

I could write an entire book about the back-stabbing and illogical criticism I’ve received about my 100% going-for-two strategy.  Here’s one true story that I posted on my X Fitness Youtube channel: That story is one example of why no one will break my record or even try to.  My 2-point streak is safe. Records are made to be broken but not that one. With all love and respect, no one will handle the pressure.

Talking tough is easy because it takes no effort, literally and figuratively. It’s another thing to back it up. When the heat rises, you will make the safe call – kick. Roethlisberger, Brees, and McCarthy like the sound of it, the thought of it, but I guarantee they will never go for it after every touchdown. It’s hard to believe that Roethlisberger, Brees, and McCarthy made headlines this week with their wishful thinking. In a world plagued with real-life life-and-death problems, it’s hard to believe that grown men made headlines about a trivial decision that no one in the NFL is ready to change, now or ever. My record is safe because of the overwhelming urge in the NFL to play it safe.

Here is some evidence of why going for two works. Here is the list of 13 X-Players who have been guests on Blunt Talk Podcast who will prove going for two works: Jeff Benoit, Jamie Grabell, Dave Dayboll, Leon Robinson, Carlton Linton, Kevin Ling, Tom Denison, Dr. Darryl Garner,  Dr. Doug Pawson, Annel Carbello, Dr. Jodi DiBartolomeo, Tim Soules, Paul Bilodeau. The link to Blunt Talk Podcast is: All interviews are free, permanently archive downloads, compliments of X Fitness. All are guaranteed to lift.

Blessings and all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.


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