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Oakville Longhorns football ’13 – part 2

Item 1. Two new assistant coaches have been added to the Oakville Longhorns coaching staff:

Kevin Ling
Nic Moreau

Kevin played defensive back and linebacker for the Burlington
Braves and Hamilton Wildcats semi-pro team. Nic played linebacker/fullback for the Niagara Spears and Niagara X-men. Their coaching responsibilities will be announced in January.

Their levels of experience and intensity will bring the Longhorns to a new level.

Item 2. It may be December but this is when championships are won and lost. Lifting in the off-season is the difference between first place and last place. Football is a vicious sport. Strength is not an option. Being is top shape is not an option. Both are necessities for survival.

You can’t get in shape during the season. If you wait for pre-season to start getting in shape, you won’t survive. Lifting and football go together like skating and hockey. Those who lift the most, win. Those who don’t, won’t.

The true test of true desire is working out during the Christmas season while the majority are not. There are many levels of UNcommitted. There’s ordinary uncommitted and extraordinary uncommitted. Being uncommitted is the biggest threat to the entire team. When your team calls for back-up, they expect someone to get there who has what it takes and who won’t back down.

Call for back-up, don’t back down. That’s the Longhorn mindset. Bring out your very best. Get in the best shape you possibly can. #keeplifting #SoulofaLifter