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Numbering your days is a self-imposed prison sentence – Merry Christmas.

“Two-thousand one-hundred and thirty-days.”

“Four and a half years.”

“Just over fourteen years.”

“I can go any time.’’

One of my top five most depressing topics is numbered days.

Between January and March of 2015, I lost count of how many people I met who numbered their days just like many of my past co-workers numbered their days during the past four decades.

The countdown to retirement depresses me. I lost count long ago of how many healthy people have voluntarily shared their numbered days to retirement. It’s a compulsion. I never have and never will ask anyone, “How long do you have left?” I’ve been asked that question and ignore it. It’s morbid. It’s the equivalent of being asked how long you have to live.

Numbering your days to retirement is a self-imposed prison sentence. Numbering your days to retirement locks your mind, body, heart, and soul in a psychological confinement that turns into inner hell. There’s not much sadder than hearing a healthy person wish away life, counting down to retirement. They are real-life versions of depressing commercials where healthy couples talk about funeral planning, life insurance that covers burial costs, how to write wills, and solutions for erectile dysfunction. The good news about depressing people is they inspire me to work out like hell every night of my life. I never have a bad workout. Every workout gets better and better because I keep attracting depressing people who willingly share their shattered dreams by counting down to retirement, waiting for their rocking chair, 15% discount, government pension, and dropping dead. I rarely have worked with or met adults who lift me. Soul-lifters are uncommon. But I have met soul-lifters on football fields and in my gym, X Fitness. That’s why I coach football. That’s the reason I started my gym, X Fitness, from scratch. And that’s why I started Blunt Talk Podcast in March, 2015, from scratch.

Not one guest on Blunt Talk Podcast has numbered their days during an episode. Not one guest on Blunt Talk Podcast has counted down to retirement during an episode. Not one guest on Blunt Talk Podcast has been depressing during an episode. The beauty of Blunt Talk Podcast has been the soul-lifting in every episode. Every guest on Blunt Talk Podcast has lifted my soul. Not one guest on Blunt Talk Podcast has darkened my soul or tortured my soul with the depression of bitterness and frustration brought on by shattered dreams and the surrender to the challenges of real-life. Every guest on Blunt Talk Podcast has inspired a world-wide audience that has grown to over 5,000.

While I’m waiting for Santa Claus, I want to express my deep gratitude to every guest who has appeared on Blunt Talk Podcast, to every listener from around the world, and to Blunt Talk producer Shelley Palomba. I’m honoured/honored. Every episode of Blunt Talk Podcast pumps me up like a workout. I am blessed and grateful. Blunt Talk Podcast has pledged to continue to fulfill its mission statement in 2016 – to lift.

May Santa Claus bring you and your family all you want and especially, all you need. Blessings and all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)
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Owner – X Fitness Inc.
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