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Nothing will ever replace this.

Every X-player who has been a guest on Blunt Talk Podcast recalled the same most Sacred Memory in their football career – hell. The gut-spilling in the gym and in practice.

We have had 13 X-players on Blunt Talk Podcast. An X-player has dual meaning: (i) one of my ex-players who I have coached during the past 40 season at 4 different levels. (ii) ex-players who have been coached and trained with the X Fitness System of strength & conditioning in body, mind, and soul. The X Fitness System is more than a workout program. It is hyper-intense training that builds high-performance strength, stamina, and will-power to survive and thrive in high-risk sports and professions.

Without rehearsal, without prompting, without scripting, all 13 X-players explained the exact same Sacred Memory when answering the traditional first Blunt Talk Podcast question – “Explain to our world-wide audience your professional journey – where came from and where you are today.” All 13 said the same thing – their most memorable experience was the combined effect of their workouts and practices. No one mentioned their championship rings, scholarships, pro contracts. Not one mentioned their ground-breaking performances. Not one mentioned their record-shattering stats. All 13 recalled the gut-spilling of lifting weights, the sled, scrimmages, and sprints. All 13 expressed into words a level of work that had to be experienced to be believed.

Football has changed for the worse. The game is in crisis-mode. The work ethic needed to raise the bar is a thing of the past. The biggest threat to football is diminished work ethic in comparison to players from the past. I thank God Almighty that I never compromised to today’s pressure by softening workouts and softening practices. I thank God Almighty every day of my life to have coached in the era I coached in. I thanked God Almighty every day for having coached all the X-players including those who have not yet been guests on Blunt Talk Podcasts because they taught me the most important coaching lesson – coach from the heart. Find your true self and do what you believe.  No team will every go farther than its pushed. No individual will go farther than s/he is pushed. Thirteen out of thirteen X-players remembered being pushed more than any other memory in their careers.

None of them brought cell phones to workouts. None of them posted selfies. None of them Tweeted. None of them played video games. None of them lived behind a screen. They poured their guts out in real-life and now hold those memories Sacred. Here is the list of 13 X-Players who have been guests on Blunt Talk Podcast: Jeff Benoit, Jamie Grabell, Dave Dayboll, Leon Robinson, Carlton Linton, Kevin Ling, Tom Denison, Dr. Darryl Garner,  Dr. Doug Pawson, Annel Carbello, Dr. Jodi DiBartolomeo, Tim Soules, Paul Bilodeau. The link to Blunt Talk Podcast is: All interviews are free, permanently archive downloads, compliments of X Fitness. All are guaranteed to lift.

Save football by working out and practicing at a level needed to teach the work ethic that football demands. Raise the bar. The more you lower the bar, the bigger the threat to football. If you lower the bar low enough, football will be unrecognizable and eventually will become extinct.

Blessings and all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Head coach – Niagara X-men football

Owner – X Fitness Inc.


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