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Nothing lasts without ideological consistency

Nothing lasts without ideological consistency. – from Soul of a Lifter seminar

Long-term commitment to working out or anything else that you want to accomplish needs consistent beliefs in what you’re doing and how you do it. Winging it won’t work. Neither will casual beliefs. Hardcore beliefs are the motor that drives you.

I’ve been working out for 41 years. Working out is not a hobby or a past-time for me. It’s a career. And I work out because of neccesity. That’s the opertaive word – necessity. I have a workout ideoplogy that I’ve tested throughout my career. My ideology is my core belief system. i don’t waver from it. I believe in it becasue it works. It.s my evidence.

Without ideological consistency, you will believe nothing and accomplish nothing because nothing will drive you and nothing will move you. Figure out your hardcore ideoplogy, test it, and if it works, stick to it. Believe in it.