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Not so special teams

I just finished a SWAT Specials Teams book for 12-man football. The book in is the final editing stage and will be released in about a month. My special teams philosophy is different from just about everybody on planet Earth. I don’t view special teams the same way as the majority of the world. All the reasons are explained in the book but here are some examples of why my special teams perspective is different:
– Many of my players wrongly consider special teams to be a vacation. A break in the action both in practice and games. The intensity and drive drops noticeably when its time to play special teams.
– Fail to appear is not a small problem. It’s huge. Some players believe it’s acceptable to miss practice and then just line up on the kickoff team and punt team waiting for someone to yell, “Charge!!!” Mysteriously, many players think that special teams are not so special and need zero teaching, learning, and training.
– Contrary to popular brainwashing, punts and kickoffs are not voluntary turnover of possession. We don’t voluntary give up possession. We fight for possession on every play, every drive.
– Punts and kickoff are the most dangerous plays in football. High-speed collisions, high-velocity impacts, highest risk of any play in football.
– People ask me why I set a likely world record 20-year no-kicking streak between 1987-2007. The above reasons are why I set a likely world record – I had no choice. The reason was player safety. My special teams reps were not up to standards so we went for it 100% of the time for 20 years. Special teams have to be taken seriously. Building a special teams depth chart is a nightmare when uncommitted players miss practice.
– There’s more. I view special teams differently because I have to deal with a football reality that’s different than the NFL and NCAA. My football reality has to be experienced to be believed – it’s a coaching nightmare.

We’re giving away a free preview of the book (first draft) to any of our social media connections. If you would like a free copy of the first draft preview, please email me through this website.


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