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Not much lower than breaking into dead people’s places

Victimizing dead people is about as low as you can get. A couple recently died eight months apart. That’s enough grief for the family. Adding a break-in at the dead people’s place yesterday is unconscionable. But, the reality is that evil is around us. Hell doesn’t know limits.

This break-in happened last night, in the Post-Modern Era of entitlement and enabling but breaking into the dead people’s places isn’t new. It isn’t exclusive to the Post-Modernity. My detective partner and I investigated a break-in at a dead-person’s place thirty years ago when I was a police officer between 1975-1990. That break-in was one of the worst crimes I investigated in my 15-year police career because it broke two lives, the lives of a mother and father who lost their 16-year old son, two days earlier.

While they were at the funeral home preparing to bury their 16-year old son, the parent’s house was broken into. The stolen property included the dead son’s high school blazer that he was to be buried in and the dead son’s camera equipment that he used as an amateur photographer when he worked with his father at sporting events. What kind of people break into dead people’s places? When we arrested the two offenders, they both confessed and attributed the break-in to drug addiction. They both needed money to buy more drugs. Cocaine, speed, marijuana, and steroids. They read the obituary in the paper and decided to break-in when the parents would be at the funeral home.

Both offenders were opportunistic sociopaths. The first interrogation with Lyman Page (not his real-name) was chilling. The entire interrogation took only 17 minutes. Did it bother him to break into a dead person’s house? Did it bother him that the parents suffered irreparable trauma? Yes, he said, it bothered him when he “wasn’t F’d up on drugs. Like, ya, sure, you know, I think about it sometimes, you know?”

Did it bother his accomplice, Stanford Grey (not his real name)? He just shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t sure if it bothered him. He rolled his head and picked at the scabs on his forearm. Both offenders signed their confessions. It took 7 days to recover the stolen property from the people who bought it, even though they read about it in the paper and knew the property belonged to a dead kid. They all confessed after they were arrested. Did it bother them? “Aw come on, like, what?” was Ashford York’s (not his real name) answer. The other guy said, “Man…like…look, where do I sign?”

To the suspect(s) of last night’s break-in at the dead people’s place, here’s my message:

#1. You will get caught by the police. Guaranteed. One reason is on page 234 in my Criminal Investigation textbook – there is no such thing as the perfect crime. Every crime leaves a trail of physical evidence exchanged between the suspect and the crime scene, and it leaves a second trail – of words. No criminal can keep his/her crime a secret. It’s impossible. There’s always leakage. Leakage is the leaking of incriminating verbal statements made to people in your inner circle to relieve the pressure of guilt caused by cognitive dissonance.

#2. After you’re arrested by the police, you will confess just like the suspects did thirty years. The reason is explained on page 116 of my Interrogation Book – every human has a conscience. Every human has the inner compulsion to confess crimes. When the conscience is strengthened, the compulsion to confess is activated, resulting in a confession. Here’s the good news. Confessions are the first step toward rehabilitation and reintegration into society. The Supreme Court of Canada acknowledged that. The verbatim quote is in both my Criminal Investigation book and my Interrogation book.

#3. I’m going to quote my first detective partner, Sergeant Jack Moore: “You’re better than this!” You have God-given gifts and talents that you’re burying. You are wasting your potential. I have faith you will change. I have faith that you will transform in mind, body, and soul. It won’t be easy but start with getting in shape physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Chances are you also are addicted to drugs. Get help. Get fit. Workout physically and intellectually. Discern your calling. Apply for a job. Make something out of yourself. Here’s the strongest motivation you will ever hear – do it for those who depend on you. Do it for your loved ones. Every human has the capacity to change for the better.

#MuchLove to the families of the dead people’s places that were broken into yesterday and thirty years ago. The break-in in 1987 changed my life forever. It was a turning point. It raised my level of consciousness. It’s a long story. I pray you all find #peace – the dead, the families of the dead, and those who victimized the dead.

Blessings & all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.


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