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No depressing news is good news.

Item 1. Niagara Falls (Canada) Mayor Jim Diodati is the most inspiring politician I have ever spoken with. I met him in person, once, at the premiere of the Wellness Documentary produced by Dr. Lana Marconi, a film that I was blessed to have been a part of. I invited Mayor Diodati to be a guest on Blunt Talk Podcast and he agreed. Without a doubt, no conversation with any politician has ever inspired me more. Not even close.

Since 2001, when I started X Fitness Welland Inc., I have interviewed candidates at every level of government during election campaigns, asking them simple questions about their strategy to fix the economic depression of Welland, Port Colborne, and the entire Niagara Region. In most cases, their answers were depressing. Mayor Diodati’s were different. At the end of the interview, I asked him if he will ever run for Prime Minister or Premier of Ontario because if he does, I will work to get him elected. His interview on Blunt Talk Podcast will be aired in the near future. It’s guaranteed to lift you. Not one moment of the podcast is depressing.

Item 2. We just wrapped up our first instructional film called “SWAT Tackling,” and not one moment of it is depressing. The toughest challenge I’ve had as a football coach for 40 seasons is to teach my players how to not get killed. My mission is to keep all my players alive physically and psychologically. The starting point of fulfilling that mission is my football coaching curriculum, which includes SWAT Tackling. After my rookie head coach season in 1984, I banned shoulder tackling forever – it is unsafe and ineffective. I don’t watch a lot of university and pro football because it’s all the same stuff – part football, part soccer. Kicking influences way too much of the game because of deep-rooted conformity to kick on the last down. But even more concerning is the evidence that today’s tackling is a bad as ever. Watch any football game at any level and you will see horrible form that threatens a player’s head, neck, and spine. “SWAT Tackling” explains how I eliminated the head and shoulders from tackling. “Form talking” starts in the weight room. Anyone who doesn’t lift seriously and is playing football is fooling himself. So is any coach who allows weak, unfit players to play. It is impossible to fully master the life-and-death skill of tackling without being a serious lifter.

Item 3. I am coaching Italian lifters online… from across the ocean. #TheItalians lifters are featured in an unscripted, unedited, reality show called #TheItalians and not one moment of the show is depressing. It’s X-Rated because it shows them working out, on the midnight shift at X Fitness Welland Inc., where #TheItalians woke up to lifting during a recent visit to Canada. They are early in their lifting journey. #TheItalians will be released soon. The download will be free, compliments of X Fitness.

Our mission statement at X Fitness and on Blunt Talk Podcast is “#WeLift.” #WeLift@XFitnessWelland because the alternative is allowing depressing news to darken our minds and our souls. Depressing news is a soul-killer. “No depressing news is good news.” Dual meaning. News is either depressing or lifting. And the absence of bad brings the presence of good. I realize I can’t make a perfect world by eliminating all depressing news. I realize that Utopia is out of reach. But I have to make an effort to not contribute to the spreading of depressing news and not be exposed to depressing news because depressing news tortures my soul.

The Elements of Darkness start with words. Words either shed light or they turn out the lights. Words either clean the air or pollute the air. Words either nourish the soul or contaminate the soul. This is a copyrighted excerpt from a new uplifting book I’m writing called “Won One.”


Trailer for the SWAT Tackling video


Free beginner workout video compliments of X Fitness Welland


Episode 1 of #TheItalians


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