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NHL playoffs are a disgrace

I’m glad I coach football and not hockey. The NHL playoffs are a mockery to all sports. A complete farce. Players assaulting each other. Muggings. The National Head-shot league is an embarrassment to sports.

I can’t imagine spending hard-earned money for NHL playoff tickets. If you want to see real fights, go to a boxing or MMA match. At least you’ll see real fighters, not a bunch of goons swinging at each other like drunken street brawlers. The NHL playoffs remind me of when I was a cop and used to get called to bar fights and domestics. Wasted people wasting time fighting like street thugs, publicly embarrassing themselves.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of student-athletes in football and I’ve never been embarrassed by having to watch my players lose control and fight instead of play hard. Contact sports allows all the legal violence that’s necessary. I would be ashamed to see my players fight because it would be a sign of incompetence – those who can’t play right, fight.

I’m baffled at how the NHL is even covered by the media. The NHL is not a sport. It’s a game without control. No control whatsoever. The head-shots are a disgrace to contact sports. The NHL is not doing enough to eliminate concussions. Concussions are a plague to sports. Concussions ruin lives. How can a sport be taken seriously where alleged professionals illegally punch each other in the head? The NHL is the National Hackers League. I’ll stick to coaching a real sport where rules actually apply.