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NHL circus

Mike Milbury’s mocking Sidney Crosby’s concussion is a travesty and an embarrassment. How in the world can the CBC justify paying a guy who mocks head injuries? Has the NHL said anything? Has the CBC said anything?

The Penguins-Flyers game earlier this week was a disgrace. A backstabbing crosscheck on Crosby. Coaches trying to fight each other. Mammoth brawls near the end of the game. The NHL is a circus. Pro wrestling has more credibility. I’m glad I chose football to coach. The NHL is a sideshow. I can’t take it seriously. A guy backstabs Crosby from behind with a weapon…and Milbury mocks Crosby’s concussion calling Crosby a punk. What a joke. No wonder the National Headhunters League is unstable with franchises relocating, can’t fill seats, can’t get major TV contracts, can’t get big league ratings.

I haven’t watched a full NHL game since the Leafs last won a Stanley Cup. I won’t waste my time watching a circus. I’m puzzled at why on Earth people would spend hard-earned money to actually watch a pro wrestling on ice. Backstabbers aren’t tough guys. NHL players fight only for one reason – they know someone will stop it after a few seconds. How does anyone glorify fools who punch each other in the head for a few seconds and haven’t got the part to fight for a few rounds for real?

How can anyone take Milbury seriously? A guy who went after a fan with a shoe? Who would watch or listen to stuff like this?