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NFL sideshow

The NFL has zero credibility in my view. The NFL is a sideshow, a daily soap opera with absurd story lines. Here are some examples:
1. Who is actually running the New Orleans Saints? Since when does a head coach decide on his successor? Is Sean Payton really authorized to offer the job to Bill Parcells? I don’t get it.
2. I am a Tim Tebow fan. Why? I want to see his haters proven wrong.
3. The Jets signing of Time Tebow is absurd. I understand signing him to compete with Mark Sanchez but I don’t get the “he’s a back-up to be used in the Wildcat” nonsense.
4. Rex Ryan was asked if Sanchez was consulted. Wow. What a stupid question. Since when are players general managers?
5. Tebow’s press conference was a circus. Howe does the Jets front office think?
6. Tebow turned around a hopeless team who won a playoff game against the Steelers. Then he’s traded. His haters point to Tebow’s stats. Check John Elway’s stats in his first full year. You’ll be shocked.
7. The NFL is a shopping league. Shop around for the best talent. Hand out absurd sums of guaranteed money to unproven rookies and free agents who are damaged goods.
I’ll stick to coaching football in the amateur ranks. I won’t spend a dime to buy an NFL ticket. Every minute I watch any NFL news is a complete waste of my time.