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#NFL geniuses

The most dangerous label in sports is the #genius label. The Football Establishment uses genius to describe a coach who leads a #groundbreaking offense. The two Super Bowl had #NFL coaches were called geniuses last year. One genius head coach didn’t even make the playoffs this year. The other got trampled out of the first round of the playoffs, at home against a quarterback who threw for only 72 yards.

Here’s what I have taught all my assistant coaches during the past 4 decades:

  1. There are no genius coaches.
  2. There are poor coaches and rich coaches.
  3. Rich coaches coach in Athletic Wealth. They coach the richest programs – rich players who were richly built by less rich coaches at lower levels and have all the riches needed to get richer.
  4. Poor coaches coach in Athletic Poverty. They coach poor program with poor resources – human, financial, and physical.

There is no genius in making the rich richer. None. Zero. Rich coaches who have rich players are expected to win big.

There is no genius is making the poor richer. None. Zero. Poor coaches who make poor players richer are experts in the #Secret to #WinningBig that has been know since the beginning of Wo/mankind – gut-spilling. Getting #strongerandsmarter every day. No exception. Every single day.

There are only four #NFL teams left in the #playoffs – San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans. None of their coaches are geniuses or ever will be geniuses. Every coach left in the playoff race is rich who coach the rich. They are doing what is expected – go deep. Go deep in the playoffs, go deep on the field, go deep inside heart and soul.

It doesn’t take a genius to draw up Xs and Os.

It doesn’t take a genius to make X Fitness and O Fitness.

It doesn’t take a genius to make the playoffs with rich players.

It doesn’t take a genius to win a playoff game with rich players.

It doesn’t take a genius to win a #SuperBowl.

It takes #RichPlayers to win playoff games.

It takes #RichPlayers to win a #SuperBowl.

A #RichPlayer is an athlete who is 98.6% actualized, an athlete who built 98.6% of potential during a long-distance process that start at Minus-Zero.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter
Blessings and all good things

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