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Here’s my Facebook response to USA Today writer Christine Brennan:

Fantastic article, Christine. As a football coach, I don’t get it. Where else in the real world are untested, unproven entry-level employees guaranteed millions of dollars and paraded as saviours for organizations while grown adults scream in the audience like school-children? The entitlement/superstar attiude has trickled down to amateur football. The spread of intolerable attitudes of athlete arrogance is stunning. I have witnessed a deterioration of the team-first mindset, replaced by the self-absorption of me-first selfishness that is destroying the game. A major factor is the unreasonable glorification of athletes who believe they are indispensable. Try coaching this kind of attitude. Coaches who tolerate and cater to the superstar red-carpet treatment are demolishing team sports. Keep up the great work, Christine. GA



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