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NFL bounties

To anyone who supports New Orlean Saints type bounties:

I’ve coached football for 40 years. If you had to visit your players in the hospital, you wouldn’t be so cavalier about the good ol’ days of hockey-style illegal violence in football. The game has plenty of legal-style violence without having to go outside the rules like hockey. Gregg Williams, Sean Peyton, and Mickey Loomis should all be fired and banned. They disregarded rules and warnings and player safety which was a CBA priority. If the NFL doesn’t take drastic action, the NFL will become a joke like the NHL that cannabilizes its players with dirty play. If you want to see senseless violence, go watch pro wrestling. Plus, if a bounty is needed to motivate players, you’re getting ripped off with your money and time as fans because true pros don’t need an idiotic, childish scheme to motivate them. This is one of the reason why I will never invest a dollar to watch an NFL game. Immature millionaires, disgracing the sport. I’ll stick to coaching my level of amateur football. The whole bounty thing is a disgrace. Another shameful episode in the endless soap opera called pro sports.