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I had a moment of clarity today when I read the sports page.

I’ve been blessed to have coached 40 seasons of football so far in obscurity that Google Earth wouldn’t find. High school in Canada, semi-pro, and a collegiate club team that plays D3 junior varsity. You can’t get farther from the big-time. I’ve witnessed the development of small-time players into big-time big-leaguers. On the surface, it seems that football is a passion. An obsession. Coaching is but not talking about it and not following it as a fan. I can’t stand the thought of reading another ludicrous article about the NFL or NCAA Division football

Today, I read an absurd series of quotes that NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez made in GQ magazine about the ongoing circus called the New York Jets and their head coach Rex Ryan. Contrary to reports that network soap operas are facing extinction, the New York Jets soap opera is alive and well. Sanchez’s quotes clarified why I haven’t watched a full NFL game is years and have no intention to piss away any time whatsoever watching an NFL game in the future.

The Jets sideshow is only one reason. The recent CBA that settled the lockout was another. Players dictating how much practice time (or lack thereof) is a farce. Next thing you know they’ll demand ice cream after every practice. The only real entertainment that the NFL provides is the new board game called “Add Up The Wasted Money in Signing Bonuses of First Round Draft Pick and Veteran BUSTS.” Other than the fantasy world of pro sports, where in the world do entry-level rookies become the highest paid on their team or in the whole profession?

Then there’s the ongoing saga of NCAA Division 1 football. Head coaches make multi-millions annually but players pay for free and get in serious trouble for selling jerseys and rings in exchange for tattoos. The so-called Ohio State “scandal: makes no sense. Players emptied out their closets and sold stuff they didn’t wear. Next up? NCAA investigators will be searching EBay for more violations.

Last week, the pre-season rankings were released without one game being played. Thousands of fans bored with their lives began the annual argument of who’s number one. Who can take seriously any sport that ranks teams without playing and picks national champions with a vote. An election. National championship by politics. Call me when D1 institutes this thing called a playoff so that teams like Boise St. and TCU are denied entry like drunken trespassers.

The only football that makes any sense to me is the obscure level of football I coach in, where real life impacts can be made instead of banned by Collective Bargaining Agreements.