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new book excerpt

Writing a book is the intellectual equivalent of working out because they share 3 common elements:
1. exertion
2. isolation
3. determination

You have to disconnect and spill your guts even when your mind tries to convince you to do something else. I’ve been asked for tips about how to write a book during the past 25 years of my writing career. I’ve decided to share excerpts that give a behind-the-scenes look into the book-writing process. I’m writing a new book called Mush to Muscle. It’s intended to be the most different fitness book ever written. That’s my main objective. Here is the first excerpt.
Mush to Muscle
A true story of building Personal Best by achieving another Personal Best.

A True Story of Strength-Building

Blunt Talk Motivation series

by Gino Arcaro
Owner – X Fitness
Head football coach – Niagara X-men
Host – Blunt Talk Podcast

Chapter Minus-Zero Record Low

I called this chapter ‘Minus-Zero’ for four reasons.

The first reason is to be different. The rest of the world calls it Preface or Introduction or About the Author. Chapter Minus-Zero combines all three, a way of attracting natural attention as opposed to forced, unnatural attention. Chapter Minus- Zero is one way to express Real-Life Lesson #5,707 that I’ve taught to football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for two decades – be original. Never fear being different. Be different to make a difference. Never fear expressing your originality. Never fear revealing your unique God-given gifts and talents. Never fear separating from the rest – dual meaning. Never fear distancing yourself from excessive rest of too much down-time, in order to distance yourself from the rest of your competition. When you separate from the rest, you separate from the rest. You win the test. You build Your Best. That’s what separates first place from dead-last.

The second reason this chapter is called Minus-Zero is to emphasize my starting-line in everything I’ve done. My Minus-Zero starting line is a starting line below zero, below the conventional starting line where The Most start at. Real-life is a competition between The Most and The Least, a fight between those who have the most and those who have the least over who will win the most. The Most and The Least don’t start at the same starting-line. Minus-Zero is where The Least start. The Least have to play catch-up just to reach the Point-Zero starting line. Minus-Zero is where I started everything I’ve done. Minus-Zero is where I started my workout career as an obese dysfunctional 12 year-old mush-ball. Minus-Zero is where I started my football coaching career, at a level of Athletic Poverty with the least resources that has to be experienced to be believed, stuck in Minus-Zero Losing, the worst type of losing culture imaginable. Minus-Zero is where I started my 15-year police career, between 1975-1990, as an inexperienced naive 18 year-old rookie. Minus-Zero is where I started my 20-year college law enforcement professor career between 1990-2010, in a level of Academic Poverty with the least resources that has to be experienced to be believed. Minus –Zero is where I started my business, X Fitness, a startup independent gym in a city of Economic Poverty that has to be experienced to be believed. Minus-Zero is where I started my writing career 25 years ago that led to a 100% publishing streak. Minus-Zero is where I later start my publishing company. Minus-Zero puts you behind the normal starting line, in a position of playing from behind, where your competition has a head-start. Minus-Zero requires heavy lifting just to reach the conventional starting line. Starting below zero sounds like hell, looks like hell, feels like hell. The way out is to fight like hell. Every Minus-Zero start-up is a fight of Biblical proportions, a David versus Goliath fight to survive. The key to winning any David versus Goliath fight is to take your best shot. And take their best shot.

– to be continued.

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