Never fear 4th down

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,119 that I’ve taught football players & college law enforcement students for 4 decades – go for it. Multiple meanings:

  1. 4th down is not a matter of life&death. 
  2. Never believe that 4th down is a matter of life&death because it will skew your worldview.
  3. Life is extremely short. Go for it so you never fall short.
  4. Never shorten your life by living in the safest place because the safe place will become a Dangerous Place when it becomes a conformist Complacent Place.
  5. Go for it on 4th down – always. If you don’t get it – dual meaning – you will never get it – dual meaning.
  6. If you don’t get it, teach your defense to get it back.
  7. If you cannot get 10 yards in 4 downs, you deserve to lose.
  8. Fear of 4th down is unnatural. 
  9. 4th down is not one the top 51 real life& death fears.
  10. Unnatural fear of 4th down will translate into unnatural real-life fear of what should not be feared. 
  11. Save your Fear Energy for what truly needs to be feared.
  12. Fear Energy is a gift. Don’t waste it on what The Establishment tells you to fear.

Here’s what changed my 4th down philosophy, what started our no-kicking streak, and why we go for it on every 4th down and go for two after every touchdown:

  1. In 1984, I got promoted to head high school football coach and detective at the same age – 26.
  2. We kicked on every 4th down in my rookie head coach season where we ended up in dead-last, with an embarrassing winless 0-10 season where we never were competitive at any time, and had the score run up 10 times – dual meaning. In all ten games and 10X the point differential. 
  3. My rookie detective year was filled with Unnatural Death – dual meaning. (i) suicides and murders (ii) unnatural numbers of death.
  4. I had to knock on a door at 2am and tell a mother that her 19 year old son was dead.
  5. I had to tell another mother that her two sons had shot each, one to death and the other to near death.
  6. I had to tell several families devastating news – that my investigations proved their Loved Ones had committed suicides.
  7. Working with the Dead changed my entire worldview of living.
  8. Going for it in all aspects of my life became a natural choice.
  9. Going for it led to changing professions, getting my #DreamJobs, starting 2 high-risk businesses from scratch, a 51 year workout streak in-progress, winning a lot more football games that we never won before, helping hundreds of college law enforcement students & football players go for it to reach the #NextLevel.
  10. It worked because we worked out. Not just ordinary workouts. Outworking workouts. If you don’t work out, it won’t work out.

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