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Negative-charge, positive-charge: the difference between a powerful and powerless mind.

The mind has a limitless source of power that goes dead unless you charge it up.

What’s inside the mind manifests outside. The human mind is miraculous, capable of accomplishing the extraordinary. But it’s also capable of getting in your way. Your mind is either with you or against you. Your mind has the power to be on your good side or your bad side. Your mind has the power to brighten your life or darken your life.

The difference between a powerful mind and a powerless mind is what charges it – positive or negative. Every profession I’ve been blessed to work in has taught me the same lesson – toxic people poison your mind. Toxic people are negatively-charged people who get charged only by the negative. Toxic people will spread their negative charge and fill your mind with junk. Toxic people don’t respond to positive charge. They are radioactive material that will contaminate your mind. Toxic people will drain the life of out you because they are negatively charged and respond only to the negative. They get charged only by the negative, by causing hell, by spreading hell, and by trying like hell to sink you into the same psychological hell-hole they live in.

Negatively-charged people are miserable people who try to darken your mind. They are depressing people who will try to attack your mind, draining it of energy, leaving you powerless. Negatively-charged people are one of the main causes of team apathy. The good news is that negatively-charged people can change. Coaching football has shown me the power of transforming negatively-charged people through lifting. College teaching has shown me the power of transforming negatively-charged people through lifting. The bad news is that some negatively-charged people have darkened souls and give up before the transformation #process is complete.

Positively-charged people get charged up by the positive. They lift. They lift souls instead of depressing the hell out of them and depressing the hell into them. I pray for the negatively-charged. None of us is perfect. None of us are positively-charged 100% of the time. We are all susceptible to the hell of negatively-charged people who can influence us, making us capable of causing and spreading hell. The key to staying positively-charged is building strength. Building strength builds your defenses.

You are not defenseless. You have the same capability to build strength of mind just like any other human. But it won’t work out if you lack the will. Will and capacity are connected. Will is the generator for capacity. The elements of a powerful mind start with what you allow to charge you up – the positively-charged or the negatively-charged. You have one life to live. Every moment that you get negatively influenced by miserable depressing people is a precious moment wasted in the hell of a powerless mind.

The difference between a powerful mind and powerless mind is what you feed it and how you work it out. Feed your mind the junk of depressing negativity and your mind loses its source of power and goes dead. Nourish your mind and work it out? Different story. This is a copyrighted excerpt of a new book I’m writing.

Our latest guest on Blunt Talk Podcast is psychotherapist/author/speaker Roxanne Ramoutar-Derhodge. Roxanne shares her inspiring journey. Her interview is guaranteed to lift. Roxanne is positively-charged. Her insights are part of the Blunt Talk commitment to #FightApathy. The interview will detoxify your mind, not toxify it. No depressing news is good news. The link to Roxanne’s interview on Blunt Talk Podcast is:

Blessings & all good things.


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