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My prediction of what will happen to gyms post-Pandemic

Thank you for all your questions about the future of post-pandemic gyms. Here’s part of the answer. The following is one part of my prediction of what will happen to gyms and fitness coaches post-pandemic:

  • 19 years as a gym owner has taught me that the fitness industry has caused irreparable damage to itself by its addiction to give-away workouts and memberships for free. 
  • I gave away football coaching for free for 40 years and I almost went broke by funding a collegiate football team, giving away even more strength coaching and football coaching for free.
  • I have more evidence that compulsively giving away workouts and intellectual property will destroy the fitness industry. 
  • No industry gives away for free like the fitness industry.

For more perspective on my post-pandemic prediction, watch my video on my Instagram account: @xfitnesswelland

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Blessings and all good things 


Gino Arcaro

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