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#Murder Mystery

Murdering potential is a crime. Murder mysteries are mysteries about murdering human potential physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. New AUDIOBOOK – Mystery of Murder: working with the dead. A different murder mystery, a different motivational book.

True police stories by former police officer Gino Arcaro. We are all born with God-given gifts and talents. We have the choice to build them or bury them. Nothing is worse than wasted potential. Every human builds #LayersOfLimitations in their mind that hold back performance to less than 10% of full physical and intellectual potential. Every day is a fight to cut through those layers to determine what we become and how much of our potential we actualize or waste. Every day is a series of choices and decisions about what to with the #OneLife we’ve been blessed with.

Former police detective, Gino Arcaro, re-creates real investigations and crime scenes that cause the reader to pay attention to that small inner voice screaming at the sheer horror of wasting his/her life.

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