More than motivation. The difference that makes the biggest difference.

This isn’t a motivational article. It’s an article that tries to lift your soul. There’s a big difference between motivation and soul-lifting. Motivation is temporary. Soul-lifting is built to last. Motivation helps you get by this moment. Soul-lifting helps you make moments.

Motivation is soft-core fluff that makes you feel good at this moment so that you don’t have to face reality. Soul-lifting stops you from feeling bad. There’s a big difference between feeling good at this moment and to stop feeling the bad that’s been stopping you. The difference is the difference between doing and dreaming.

Doing it and dreaming about doing it, are two different stories. One has a cost, the other doesn’t. One is real, the other is fantasy. One turns into a nightmare, the other doesn’t. Dreaming is free. You can day-dream, you can night-dream but dreams all end one way or the other when you wake up. When you wake up, you either open your eyes or keep them closed shut, your choice. Opening your eyes opens your mind and your heart to what has to be done. Opening your eyes opens you to reality. Keeping your eyes closed prolongs the dream and leads to delusion. The difference between reality and delusion is the difference between winning and losing, and the difference between getting hurt – body, mind, and soul – when the pain of not doing what needs to be done clashes head-on with the dreams you’re holding on to instead of “doing.”

Here’s the soul-lifting part – raise the bar. Do one thing today that you’ve only been dreaming about doing. Then practice it again and again and again until it’s not longer a dream. Soul-lifting requires raising the bar. Moving the bar higher than you’ve had it set. Then lift someone else. There are enough depressing people in this world. Don’t join that club. Don’t add to the misery of the critics and pessimists who know nothing about dreams or doing. Critics and pessimists are small people living small lives. But don’t turn your back on them. Lift them. Especially when you cross paths with them. If it’s your calling, answer it. Because all of us have been, at one time, the critic or pessimist who needed lifting.

All of us have experienced soul-lifting when we least deserved it because souls of lifters don’t discriminate. They answer the call for duty. What a mess we’d all be in if soul-lifting happened only when we deserved it, when we were already at our best, when we were already on top. Soul-lifting is a tough job. Soul-lifting takes commitment. Motivation doesn’t because it’s a one-time thing. Soul-lifting takes passionate dedication. Motivation doesn’t because it’s momentary. Soul-lifting takes unconditional love. Motivation doesn’t because it’s conditional. If you see potential being wasted, do some soul-lifting. Whether the wasted potential is in you or someone else, be a soul of a lifter because people are waiting for that potential to materialize. Your potential is intended to be used, not wasted.

This is a copyrighted excerpt from a new book I’m writing called Lifter’s High Part 2. August is a demanding month because it’s right smack in the middle of the third quarter, when fatigue tries to knock you out of the game. #KeepLifting. Be a soul of a lifter. Find a soul of a lifter. If you give up in the third quarter, you’ll regret it at the end of the game because you’ll have to start over from scratch. There’s a link after my signature to this week’s top workout song. It’s a classic. It plays once a day at X Fitness. The reason is the lyrics. Epic.


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