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Million dollar decision: Save #money or save your life.

Children of all ages need to realize their potential.

Soul-lifting jobs are a blessing.

You are blessed to have any job that allows you the opportunity to help young people make their dream a reality; to help them build their potential, to build their God-given gifts & talents, to help young people to get #strongerandsmarter every single day so that #BloodSports and #BloodWork don’t maim them, carve them up, scramble their brains, kill them in mind-body-soul, adding them to the #DeathToll—dual meaning: (i) the number of people living the dead-life; and, (ii) the number of people who die prematurely from unnatural causes working and playing in #BloodSports and #BloodWork. 

My dual job as college law enforcement professor and academic program coordinator for 20 years was a blessing. A 5th Degree Blessing that made me rich beyond what I could have imagined. But there was a cost—the Price of Poison.

I investigated an unusual number of deaths between 1975-1990 as a street-cop and detective. Death-from-poison stood out as the most painful of them all; there is no death more painful than dying from poison. I left policing to become a college professor but quit that job in 2010 because of poisoning. I left a $100,000 annual salary to work in my own business as my own boss. So far, that decision has cost me one-million dollars in salary. This was the second time in my life I left a #DreamJob that I deeply and profoundly loved because of a poisoned workplace that was killing my brain cells and soul cells. 

I’m not one of those social media self-professed experts who tell you to quit your job. Quitting your job is one of the top 26 life-altering decisions that only you can make. No one else can or should make that decision for you because no one else is fully equipped with the entire story, the full body of evidence. 

One of the top 51 reasons why I quit my college teaching-program coordinating job was parents. Unnecessary parental involvement in the lives of their adult daughters and sons. I was hired as a cop at the age of 18. My parents were poor illiterate #Italian immigrants who spoke the language of #broken—broken Italian, broken English. They never called anyone for me—not teachers, not employers, not coaches. No one. I grew in mind-body-soul through that independence. I believe in it. I can prove it works. I have hardcore evidence to back it up. 

One of the 26 reason I was hired as a college law enforcement professor was to “teach reality.” One of the top 51 reasons I was promoted to program coordinator was to “turn around a loser program.” I was told both times to “do my thing.” I did.

My “thing” included making all my students #strongerandsmarter to:

  1. make 100% of them competitive in a wildly competitive job field—policing
  2. Prevent them from getting busted up and from committing epic F-ups if they got hired.

I became a day-care supervisor during my last five years as program coordinator because of unnecessary parental involvement. Over 90% of all communication about student issues was initiated by parents. I informed all of them that it was illegal to talk about their legally adult-child’s academics. I needed to speak with students directly to make a difference in students’ lives, to make the most positive impact in their pursuit of their dream job. Speaking to parents was not only unlawful, it was counterproductive and counter-intuitive.

It only got worse. Parental involvement made me feel dead inside—brain-dead, soul-dead. I lost the feeling of growth. I couldn’t remember the last time I had an intelligent conversation. I couldn’t remember the last time I was challenged intellectually. I suffered deep and profound Cognitive Dissonance by contradicting my beliefs and my personal Basic Survival Needs. The day-care environment was killing me in mind-body-soul. I had to make a decision: save #money or save my life. I chose life-saving. 

I could have dramatically increased my financial life-savings by reducing my life-quality or I could have invested in life-saving by reducing increased financial life-saving. I chose mind-body-soul life-saving over life-savings of more money.

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Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

By Gino Arcaro

An inspirational writer who shares his vision about potential - why one should strive to reach his/her true potential and why potential should never be wasted - all based on his careers as a football coach, police officer, business owner and college teacher.