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Measuring leadership: the real-life won-loss record.

Leadership has affected every element of my life. Good leadership and bad leadership have made an impact, a ripple-effect that has influenced every aspect of my personal and professional life. The leadership of others and my own leadership has shaped everything I am, everything I’m not, everything I do and don’t do, good or bad.

Every leadership role I’ve had has involved hell. All hell broke loose shortly after I won every leadership title I’ve held. Measuring leadership success and failure isn’t easy. Keeping score isn’t simple. Won-loss records in most leadership roles don’t always add up like they do in the sport I coach – football. A won-loss record doesn’t always count – dual meaning. It doesn’t always count as a true reflection of a leader’s job performance, of the totality of what was done good or bad. And, it doesn’t always count the intangibles that add up to good or bad leadership.

I have written a short story called The Back Row. The story is a personal, soul-searching tale about leadership, careers, performance; the highs and lows that go with each and the inevitable love-hate relationship with work. The Back Row is a short, complimentary e-book that you can download at the link below.

I’m being up front about why I’m offering it for free. I want to drive traffic to my website and I want to share my leadership experience using a new style of writing that I hope will separate from the rest. The objective is research – I’m going to count the number of downloads and number of comments received. I would be honored/honoured if you would send feedback of my writing style and content, good or bad. There are no strings attached.

The story is divided into parts. Part one is at the link below. The Back Row has a deep message, one that I intend to expand upon in a book. I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look into #TheProcess of trying to achieve my goal of writing a bestseller, one that will change the world.

‘The Back Row’ is a free e-book, compliments of X Fitness, Jordan Publications, and Niagara X-men football. It’s an expression of #gratitude for reading our books and listening to Blunt Talk Podcast.

Get your Complimentary copy of “The Back Row” at: [sdm_download id=”2833″ fancy=”0″]

Blessings and all good things to you and your team.


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