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Make up your mind

This is what I posted on my social media sites today:

“The decisions you make right now determine whether you win or lose, suffer or celebrate, sink or survive, make it or break it, bust through or get busted up, break-free or get broken-up. What you decide today are pieces of your future. You’re either in control or out of control. – Soul of a Lifter. #XFitness24-365 #Longhorns’13

The reason is attitude. Winning doesn’t just happen. Neither does losing. Nothing just happens. Make up your mind which one you want to happen. Make up your mind which one you want to experience. Make up your mind either way and live with it. Make a choice. It starts inside your mind. You control your decisions. You control what team to join. You control what you bring to the team. You control what you won’t bring.

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