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Losing Your Mind

I can’t make up my mind whether to put this excerpt in my new business book or my other new book on winning & losing. It’s called “Losing Your Mind.” Here it is:

The beauty of coaching football is that it gives me life-lessons about what not to do in real-life.

Football is filled to capacity with unchallenged myths. Unmitigated bullshit. Each myth is a limiting belief passed on from one receiver to another until it’s almost impossible to drop. Each myth is powered by the one of the strongest all-times fears – fear of being different. No two humans share the exact same DNA but nurture often trumps nature. The power of socialization tries to make us conform and become identical twins . Conformity leads to uniformity. Blend in. Fit in. Assimilate into the mainstream. It’s human nature to think the same and do the same even though we’re not built the same. Even though we’re wired up differently, conformity is a powerful force of nature. Instead of revealing true self, it gets hidden. Buried. Left unchecked, it all starts to look the same.

The leading cause of conformity and uniformity is the fear of being different. It starts a chain reaction of the wrong kind of lifting. The fear of being different lifts the fear of criticism, lifting the fear of disapproval, lifting the fear of stepping outside the box which leads to stay confined inside the crowded box, shoulder-to-shoulder in obscurity and anonymity, where no one can find you, including yourself. You end up losing yourself by losing your mind. You forfeit the uniqueness of your mind by losing originality. You lose the one-of-a-kind mind you were blessed with and replace it with someone else’s mind. Lost but never found.

When a business loses its mind, you go out of business because of failure to separate from the rest. Dual meaning. You will never distance yourself from the rest of your competition and you’ll never distance yourself from excessive resting and relaxation. And you will never go the distance. You’ll never brand yourself and you’ll never do what it takes to get branded. All of which leads to losing everything – everything you own, everything you’ve invested financially, intellectually, emotionally and physically. You will lose everything you put your heart and soul into. And your mind. You will lose what your mind powered and your mind-power.

The secret to prevent losing your business’s mind and losing your business NEVER KILL THE CLOCK. Killing the clock is one of the top-rated football myths. Killing the clock means waste as much time as possible. Protect a lead by slowing everything down. Even take-a-knee, the boring, uneventful, fearful act of intentionally losing ground, intentionally going backward not just to prevent high-risk but to prevent any risk at all. Taking-a-knee is symbolic of overwhelming fear. Fear of your team unable to execute the most basic of skills and plays. Fear of the other team. Fear of doing what you do best. Killing the clock flips the switch. Fighting is switched to running out the clock so you can run off the field and run away from your opponent.

Killing the clock contradicts the essence of what allegedly makes football appealing. All the tough-talk rhetoric about who’s tougher than who ends up with taking a knee hoping and praying that nothing goes wrong. Too scared to even run a basic play. Take a knee for the whole world to see.

The only way to truly protect a lead is to score more points. Not by avoiding point scoring.

I’ve heard the arguments in favour of killing the clock starting with style point don’t count. Yes they do. Eventually style will replace substance. The fearful style of killing the clock will eventually become a habit. Killing the clock is synonymous with wasting valuable time that you’ve been afforded on this planet. Eventually, killing the clock will spread to the rest of the game.

The true difference between winning and losing by whatever definition you attach is who kills the clock the least. This applies in sports, business, professional life, personal life. S/he who kills the clock the most, ends up with the least. Whoever wastes the most opportunity, scores the least amount of points. Changing your clock management philosophy changes the final score.

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