Losing Culture – Culture Shock pt. 1

Thank you to #football #coaches for your questions about culture-building. Here’s the next part of the answer.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #26,028 that I’ve taught #football #teams & #college #lawenforcement #students#Womens #Lifting #Team for 45 yrs: One of the top 26 most butchered words in #sports and fitness is #reps.

Here are the key points I’ve taught teams for 45 years:

  1. Everyone calls them reps but no two team reps are the same. 
  2. No two individual reps are the same. 
  3. Believing that all reps are the same makes you a brainwashed victim of #IBS – Internet BullShit.
  4. There is no element more important that Reps Connection Internally & Externally, in Team Culture-Building.
  5. The culture you build is directly connected to the type of reps invested by each team, individually and collectively, that connect with the individual’s Inner Culture and subsequently connect with their External Culture.
  6. Confuse + lose. When you confuse #SoftReps with #HardReps, you lose.
  7. Your Prime is the strongest time of your life. 
  8. Pissing away your Prime is a crime. Pissing away your Prime makes you a Death Threat on the #frontline
  9. If you can get killed at it, you’re not entitled to participate at it. You earn the right.
  10. The right is earned by investing in the Hardest Reps in mind-body-soul, that separate the 1.4%ers from the 98.6%ers.
  11. There’s enough incompetence in the world. Don’t add to it.

Part 2 tomorrow – the difference between building a Dysfunctional Culture and Functional Culture is Build from Scratch, Win the Match – dual meaning.

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