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Losing $800,000 saved my life


I lost $800,000 but saved my life.

My last words to over 600 college wannabe cops l taught in 2010 were: “When you need to get stronger and smarter more than you need to eat junk and get drunk, you will be a wild success.” I left my job that day in my prime and never came back. In 2015, those were the same last words to my football team – “When you need to get stronger and smarter more than you need to eat junk and get drunk, you will win big.” I left that day and never came back. I left both places for the same reason – I stopped giving a shit about those who didn’t give a shit.

The 10-90 PMS Rule applied to my students + athletes – over 90% of Post-Modern Students were unresponsive. Less than 10% were. I was teaching and coaching addicts – screen and substance addicts. As program coordinator, I felt like I was a cross betweeen a day-care provider and an asylum guard. After I quit my 2nd career in my prime, I became a professional athlete. I worked out for a living. Still do. Always will.

I coach only a chosen few, those who give a shit. Here’s my point – my calling is to be a coach, not an enabler. Coaches build strength. Enablers weaken. College wannabe cops and football players became impossible to coach and teach because its You versus Their World. Coaches have limited coaching time with their team. When Their World is full of Enablers who spoil and coddle kids with every indulgence, you have no chance.

Professional lifting saved my life. I workout twice a day, #nodaysoff because my job no longer depletes all my energy, no longer sucks the life out of me, no longer tortures my soul. Life is too short to waste it on people who waste your time, waste your energy, waste your God-given gifts + talents, waste your potential, and leave you wasted. Find a team that will lift professionally – dual meaning. Souls and weights. Strength is our greatest natural resource. May you all find a team that will lift you and strengthen you in mind, body, and soul.

#muchlove #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3

owner: X Fitness

head coach: Niagara X-Men football team

host: Blunt Talk Podast

author: Soul of a Lifter

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