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Lifting Facts & Myths – Part 2!/photo.php?fbid=3209621640433&set=a.3204415950294.2125795.1262976148&type=1&theater

The cage in the above photo was designed in 1985 by an equipment company in Toronto. It became the central piece of equipment at our first gym. Every lift can be executed in this cage. An entire workout, every day without leaving it. Championships were built inside this cage starting in 1985. Student-athletes who started from scratch got recruited because of this cage. Indelible memories. The cage now has a place of honour at X Fitness. More memories built every day. And many more championships.

There are growing myths about the next big thing…new & improved magic equipment. But the truth is simple – ordinary equipment builds extraordinary athletes. Never ignore simplicity. Lifting fact – you can’t replace the basics. Those who try are attempting to replace the hard work. The basics are the core to next-level strength. The basics are irreplaceable.

Gino Arcaro has written 12 books. He started his writing career by writing 6 best-selling academic law enforcement textbooks. Then he changed his focus and wrote 6 non-academic books to compete on a new stage. The first book is Soul of a Lifter, available in paperback and e-book. The book is about how lifting is a life-saver – lifting others and lifting weight. Dual-purpose lifting. You can review all Gino’ books them by clicking here at the top of the S.O.A.L. blog.