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#LifeSaver – one way to protect lives

#Disconnect&Protect. Disconnecting has been one of the top 51 ways of protecting my life in mind-body-soul.

The original X Fitness in #TheBasement of my home has zero connection to PMS – Post-Modern Society. No TVs, no phones, no windows, no pretty shiny new equipment, no socializing, no party mode, no scrolling, no posting, no selfies, no bad news, zero distractions. 100% isolation. 100% disconnection from the relentless attack of depressing news from the hell-hole of mainstream media and the sewage of social media.

Studies have proved that consuming bad news from your phone or TV is:

1. A mental health risk that increases the killer effects of stress, anxiety, tension, and chronic worry.

2. A physical health risk caused by excessive cortisol pouring through your body that will blow you up if you don’t use it up with intense exertion.

The original X Fitness #basement is my connection to pre-Internet Lifting from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, a secluded sanctuary that protects from the PMS attack on mind-body-soul that will leave you numb, in a catatonic state of mush that will F you up for life.

I taught all my teams who worked out in the original X Fitness #basement for 43 years that the #1 reason for getting morbidly out of shape is a childlike fear of disconnecting. If you can’t disconnect, you become a wreck. You will become a wreck physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually if you cannot disconnect from meaninglessness, irrelevance, and the dangerous addiction to mental junk food fed by the mainstream media and social media that will poison your thinking.

#FeedYourSoul with iron. That’s what I’ve taught all my football teams, college law enforcement students, and #WomensLiftingTeams for over 4 decades. Nourish your soul through super-intense physical exertion that detoxifies mind-body-soul of deadly toxins caused by binging on junk from your TV and phone. Nourishing your soul with iron is part of the #strongerandsmarter plan that will save your life.

Working out in the #basement alone as a dysfunctional, obese 12 yr-old saved my life. Iron became #essential to my life. Iron #saved my life and continues to save my life. First, iron saved my mind-body-soul from continued hell that I suffered through my 12 yr-old dysfunction and obesity. Second, iron helped save my life during the past year, fighting and recovering from a life-threatening illness. Third, iron saved my team’s life in life-and-death sports and professions.

Working out in isolation as an F’d-up 12 yr old taught me the Power and Value of Connection through Disconnecting – connecting your mind-body-soul by disconnecting from the forces of evil that are hell-bent to F you up for life. Disconnection was and still serves as Protection. That lesson I learned as an F’d-up 12 yr-old was a life-saver. 

I work out in isolation every night now during the pandemic in the original X Fitness #basement. Contrary to the self-professed experts, I don’t fear my past. I connect with my past every night, #NoDaysOff. While the PMS – Post-Modern Society – know-it-alls who have done F-all, teach you to disconnect from the past, I connect with my past every single night in the original X Fitness #TheBasement, the Sacred Place filled with Sacred Memories built by spiritual experiences fuelled by 5th Degree Focus, 5th Degree Rhythm & Flow that connects you with your SOULar Energy, the inner infinite spiritual energy that will truly drive you.

I taught all my teams that you don’t find your drive – you connect you with it.  Your inner drive is the spiritual fire that ignites your soul. True passion, true inner drive are not bullshit feel-good gimmicks. They are real, they are genuine, they are authentic. Here’s Real-Life Lesson #20,221 I’ve taught all my underdog teams – connect or get wrecked. 

Here is a video that will fire you up to workout for life:

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


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