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Superficiality and artificiality are connected. We’ve got two choices – be legit or don’t be legit. Superficiality is surface-to-surface bullshit that makes false connections. Nothing of substance. Layers and layers of pretentiousness.

Artificiality is an energy-waster. Trying to figure out artificiality is a waste of time and bigger waste of valuable energy. Superficial, artificial people will take up your time with drama that turns into horror. Time is precious. Dealing with legit people saves time and energy for what counts – productivity. Wake up. Open your eyes. Stop dreaming and make things happen. No substance, no character. Be respectful but people have to help themselves by legitimizing.

Legitimacy doesn’t just happen. Legitimacy is built. You have to build a track record but first you have to dig your own tracks instead of riding someone else’s tracks. Find your drive. Get out of your rut. Make your own tracks. If you’re too tired to try, get in a program. Stop wasting time and energy with the superficial and the artificial, including yourself.

The second best quote I have ever heard in my life is, “You’re better than that.” Sgt. Jack Moore told me that when I pissed him off – again. Four simple words. Changed my life. Jack is a central character in Soul of a Lifter for one reason – his legitimacy. No artificiality, no superficiality. If you can’t get on track, stop and listen…listen to the sound of your own bullshit. If you can hear it, shut it down. Don’t get buried so deep under mounds of accumulated bullshit. People like Sgt. Jack Moore are a blessing. He was the epitome of a great leader by doing what matters most – being a mentor. He had the greatest gift of strong leadership – he could kick your ass and still make you feel important. Jack taught me more than I can count about what counts most – being legit is not an option. People don’t have to like you or invite you to their parties. People don’t have to send you friend requests or exchange social niceties. But don’t waste their time and energy trying to figure out your disingenuous bullshit. Be legit.

Don’t wait to thank those special people who turn your life around. Don’t wait for that perfect day or perfect time. Thank you, Sgt. Jack Moore for giving me a chance when no one else would. Sorry for waiting until it was too late.