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Ladies Night/Happy Hour – Part 2

Here is Real-Life Lesson #1,457 that I have taught football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for 2 decades:  Pack on weight or pack on weight.

First meaning – You can pack on weight that will get you down and bring your team down. Second meaning – You can pack on weight that you can lift up to lift yourself up and lift your team up. Your choice determines where your team ends up – top or bottom. First or dead-last. Fit or unfit – fitted for a championship ring or unfitted for anything.

Your team can win it all or lose it all. It’s your choice. It all depends on what weight you pack on. You can lie down and pack on weight or pack on weight and lift it up. If you lift it, you will get fit – triple meaning:

  • You will get fit in body, mind, and soul.
  • You will fit in your clothes.
  • You will get fit for a championship ring.

The choice of which weight to pack on depends on the most important exercise of all – the exercise of free will. The beauty of free will is control. You have control over losing control over the weight you pack on or gain control over the weight you pack on.

Ladies Night/Happy Hour at X Fitness packs on weight so you don’t pack on weight. Workouts are not created equal. The levels of execution, intensity, and consistency are the difference between half-assed workouts, ordinary workouts, and extraordinary workouts. How you lift, what you lift, and how often you lift determines what you become and don’t become. X Fitness Workouts will out-work any workout. Guaranteed.

An audio version of this blog will be on a future episode on Blunt Talk Podcast, compliments of X Fitness.  X Fitness is committed to lift in body, mind, and soul. X Fitness is committed to the celebration of Good Inspirational News Only. There’s enough depressing news. We won’t add to it. All 128 episodes of Blunt Talk Podcast are free, permanently archived downloads compliments of X Fitness. Every episode includes a motivational speech, top 1000 Workout Song of the Day, and a guest who will motivate you to reach your full potential instead of wasting it. Every guest has a Soul of a Lifter. Guaranteed to lift. Here is the Blunt Talk Podcast link:

Blessings & all good things. 


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.


Gino Arcaro is a widely published author. Currently, he is finishing another book in his non-fiction series: Mystery of Murder: Working with the Dead. All published books are available on on and www.Chapters/, in both soft cover and eBook format. Additionally, his website, features his books including:

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