Kicking Yourself

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Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #26,032 that I’ve taught football players, college law enforcement students & women lifting teams for 45 years: Go for it or end up kicking yourself.

Here are the key teaching points that I’ve taught over 25,000 students & athletes:

  1. The Goal-Line on the Frontline is closer than from the sideline.
  2. The sideline and the frontline have different views of the goal-line.
  3. The Goal-line becomes your enemy when you see it as hell instead of a challenge.
  4. The Goal-line causes 3 primary fears to those who have Frontline R.E.P.S & reps Deficiency. 
  5. R.E.P.S. Deficiency is insufficient Real-life Experiencing Pressurized Stress.
  6. Reps Deficiency is insufficient hard reps investment on the filed, in the field, off the field.
  7. The Goal-line causes 3 primary fears to the R.E.P.S & rep Deficient.
  8. First fear: too close for comfort.
  9. Second fear: fear of getting near.
  10. Third fear: forgetting the drive – dual meaning.
  11. Too close for comfort has a dual meaning. (i) close proximity to the goal-line eliminates comfort as an option. (ii) The closer you get, the more uncomfortable it gets. Too close for comfort means no room for comfort. Discomfort will make you or break you.
  12. Fear of getting near has a dual meaning: (i) getting near forces a higher degree of commitment. (ii) getting near promotes fear of closed spaces, if all you see is a closed space.
  13. Forgetting the drive has a dual meaning: (i) the closer you get to the goal-line, the easier it gets to forget the work that got you and your team there. (ii) the closer you get to the goal-line, the easier it gets to forget the degree of your team’s Inner Drive expressed during the drive.
  14. When the Goal-line makes you forget your work capacity and team’s work capacity, you see another team. Not your team.
  15. When you see another team, you don’t see how close the Goal-line actually is.
  16. The Frontline and sideline must match. Their perception of distance and work capacity must strike a match or you strike out – dual meaning.
  17. When the sideline and frontline no longer match, decisions are made that don’t match. Then you lose the match because of The Mismatch.
  18. If the Goal-line scares the Frontline or the Sideline, a line will be crossed that prevents crossing the goal-line.
  19. Fear of the goal-line forces the mind to seek an alternative goal-line.
  20. Wrong goal-line, loses all the time. 
  21. You end up kicking yourself when fear of the Goal-line interferes.


  1. Never fear the goal-line on the frontline.
  2. The sideline is a part of the frontline, not apart from the frontline.
  3. If the frontline has invested enough R.E.P.S & reps, they have the best view.
  4. Sideline fear will interfere when the Frontline gets near.
  5. The closer it gets, the farther it seems when you no longer can see your team.
  6. When you can’t see your team any more, you see another team that doesn’t exist. That’s when you end up kicking and kicking yourself.

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