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Ken Taylor Book Review

Gino’s book, 4th & Hell: Season One, is not just a great football book. It has a very inspirational theme with a unique style that makes you stop and think about your life’s journey. We athletes know that football, and competitive sports in general, helps the young athlete develop skills and disciplines under pressure that are needed to be successful later in life. Throughout the book Gino keeps you in suspended animation while life’s lessons are taught. It’s not just for athletes. These are life values that everyone can relate to. Readers will relate to the cleaver life metaphors that are effortlessly placed at the right spot at the right time. It’s like the right play was called at the right time. Makes you want to take a highlighter to the passages that inspire your next challenge. I found myself saying, “Yep, I gotta get off my butt and get going!” Thanks Gino, and keep up the good work!

Ken Taylor, ’85 Chicago Bears.

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