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Is it worth it?

‘Is it worth it?’

Translation – does it have any value? Is it making my life better? Or, is it a complete waste of time. The answer to that question is the biggest difference between winning and losing. If you get it right, you will win big. Get it wrong and you lose big. Not only will you end up in dead last, you will waste precious time that you can’t get back.

How much time we waste determines exactly what we make out of our lives. I’ve said this speech thousands of times. I know it off by heart. Wasting time is the reason other people win and you don’t. Same speech over and over as a cautionary tale to people I’ve coached and taught on the field, in the gym, and in college classrooms. Whenever I’m asked for advice about why things are turning out the way someone wants is, the first question I ask is, “How much time do you waste?” Personally, I don’t scold people about what they do and don’t do. We all have to learn lessons the hard way by wasting time and suffering the consequences for it. I mind my own business until it becomes my business.

Do an inventory of the past 7 days. Think of any things you’ve done that was a complete waste of time. Add it up. Let it sink in. Then you’ll see what counts.

I can’t stand wasting time because I’ve suffered the side effects of wasting time but I have not truly mastered the concept because the line between wasting time and not wasting time keeps getting thinner and blurred. I just finished a book two days ago called Fourth and Hell: season 3. Took me 7 weeks, 2 weeks longer than it should have. Then I screwed around the day after, working on stuff that wasn’t worth it but I did it anyway. It’s another definition of insanity – knowing that stuff is not worth it but doing it anyway.

There’s a voice inside my head that tells me exactly when I’m wasting my time, when something is not worth it. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t for reasons that are delusional. All of us have limitless potential, more than we know. How much potential we waste is up to each one of us. We control our own potential. If you’re not in control of your own potential, you’ll never reach it because the people who control your potential likely are more concerned about theirs than yours.

I made a personal vow several years ago to never let anyone control my own potential. I vowed to never turn it over to anyone for any reason. But every time I do something that’s not worth it, I go back on my own word.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Oakville Longhorns football team
author – Soul of a Lifter

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