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Intellectual fitness

Intellectual fitness is just as important as physical fitness. An unchallenged mind will soften and turn to mush. If you don’t workout your brain, it will weaken just like a soft, flabby gut. The quickest way to an out-of-shape mind is letting in junk. Just like junk food piles on physical blubber, junk thoughts will pile on mental blubber. Like body fat, mind fat accumulates by gorging on empty junk.

I stopped watching the news a long time ago because its filled with nothing but depression that will attack your mind and rot your soul. But I fell off the wagon recently. Watching the news is mental torture. The federal budget, unspeakable crimes, gas prices, a collapsing economy, never-ending campaigns of bullshit…watching the news is self-induced depression. Try this – don’t watch or read the news for just one week. I guarantee you won’t miss it. I guarantee it will be therapeutic.