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Inflated balls – how to deal with stress.

Good news, bad news – stress will make you explode. Dual meaning. The good news is that stress will make your workouts explode. The best news is that stress will make you explode without working it off.
My number one pre-workout supplement is stress. I have never taken a pre-workout supplement in my life. I have never taken any energy drink. Stress fuels my workouts. I’m purebred Italian and a Type AAAAA personality so I never have a stress shortage. ‘Stress’ is my DNA code.

Stress fuels lifting, running, and any form of exercise or manual labour/labor. It transcends the conventional ‘blowing off steam.’ Stress is a double-edge sword. It can light a fire in your workouts or it can burn you up. The secret is harnessing it properly. Channeling stress into next-level workouts isn’t easy. It’s not as simple as just showing up. You have to show up in a different way – show up for work. Serious work, not the mail-it-in kind.

Converting stress into sustainable energy doesn’t just happen. It takes a process that combines psychological and physiological strategies. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen accidentally. But when it does, workouts are lit up instead of the raging hell inside you caused by unused stress.

Accumulated stress is a threat to your existence, mind, body, and soul. It’s a relentless enemy that attacks without mercy. Built-up stress has unlimited energy that will turn against you, turning you into a physical and mental mess of stress. Unused stress will turn you into someone unrecognizable, physically and mentally.
Four decades in the workforce taught me about the endless source of stress. Unlike gasoline, stress is cheap and fills you up without asking but you pay for it. Like gasoline, stress is combustible when it spills where it shouldn’t. Unlike the gasoline pump, the workout pump takes stress away. The workout pump is a life-saver. The workout pump is a miracle of life. It’s free but it costs a fortune. It makes you rich by making you lose. The workout pump makes you lose killer-stress and killer-fat. Two-for-one deal. The true miracle is how the body takes care of the pump all by itself. All you have to do is pump your stress into it and the workout pump does the rest as long as you reduce the rest.

Stress makes or breaks performance. If you’re a parent of a current or potential student-athlete, nothing makes a bigger positive impact on your child’s performance than physical fitness. If you’re a student-athlete dreaming of making it big, invest in next-level training because dreams materialize in the gym. I’ve been blessed to have coached countless ‘clutch-athletes,’ those who don’t break under stress but break the opponent instead. Clutch-athletes aren’t born. Great genetics do not guarantee clutch-performance, not in sports or real-life. Clutch performance requires growth- growing some. Physical muscle and mind muscle. Deflated balls have been in the news recently. But the real news is inflated balls. Inflated balls don’t just happen. Inflated balls are both the way to deal with stress and the by-product of beating stress. Inflating balls starts with pumping them up. Unfortunately, one pump is never enough. You need to keep it up with consistent pumps.

This is a copyrighted excerpt from a new book I’m writing called Midnight Shift from Hell – Lifter’s High part three. It’s also going to be a future topic on my new Podcast called Blunt Talk Episode 1, called ‘The Pledge, aired last Monday. A new episode will be posted every Monday. The objective of Blunt Talk Podcast is to spread Good Inspiring News Only. The reason is that depressing news is stressful. We are attacked daily, hourly, even minute by minute, by stressing depressing news. We won’t add to it.

The workout song of the week is after my signature. It made my top 1000 workout song list as a tribute to the fight against workplace stress.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)
Head coach – Niagara X-men football
Owner – X Fitness Inc.

Gino Arcaro is a widely published author. His website, blog, Youtube channel, and list of SWAT FOOTBALL Books are at:

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He also has written 20 editions of 6 law enforcement academic textbooks. A new 8-volume interrogation book series will be released in 2014. And just released, a new children’s book called “BE FIT – DON’T QUIT.” His latest book on human potential called “Hashtag Peace” is at the editing stage. He just finished another book called “Lifter’s High.” Both will be released soon.


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