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Incompetence is the leading cause of losing and underachieving. Chronic losing is a leading cause of despair and giving in. Losing has a purpose. It’s a sign – a message to get better. But unimproved losing that becomes habitual can break your will.

Incompetence is the greatest threat to any team, any organization. The worst response to incompetence is ignoring it. Letting it slide is an attack on your team. Turning your head to incompetence rewards incompetence. Reinforced incompetence becomes hardwired.

Underachieving is a leading source of inner hell when the realization hits that you and/or your team are wasting potential while others are realizing theirs. The good news is that underachieving is correctable. The bad news is that it takes hard work. It boils down to exercise – the exercise of free will.

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