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In defense of the warp-speed no-huddle: The real threat to football is the defense. Dual meaning.

In defense of the warp-speed no-huddle: The real threat to football is the defense. Dual meaning.

by Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP
head coach – Niagara X-Men football
owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.

The reason why warp-speed no-huddle works is that defenses will not readily adjust or invest the strength & conditioning required to defend it. It’s also the likely reason why opponents of the no-huddle (dual meaning) want rules adjusted to slow down the game.

There are two opponents of the warp-speed no-huddle – those on the field and those off the field who complain about it. Opponents of the warp-speed no-huddle fear the same thing – what it takes to train for it in order to execute it and defend it. What it takes to train for no-huddle offense or defense are the same. Identical. That’s the main reason why warp-speed no-huddle works, why it’s feared, and why it’s complained about.
I’ve been using a fast-paced offense since 1985. It became a warp-speed no-huddle in 1991 and has got faster ever since. The benefits of warp-speed no-huddle transcend the sport:

1. Extreme fitness: (a) Our off-season lifting program and running program build lean muscle, not high body-fat bulk. (b) Our practice speed ‘defines’ our players physically and intellectually. It defines players by reducing mind-fat and body-fat lower than any opponent we face, allowing them to be leaner and stronger than the opponent, physically and mentally. Unless you train for it, you won’t cut it because you won’t get cut up enough. We don’t believe in the bulk-look. Bulk is not healthy. As an ex-obese child, one of my missions is to prevent obesity and correct it. Our training program builds more strength with less fat.

2. Extreme work ethic. The biggest coaching challenge I have faced in 40 seasons in coaching is developing high-level work ethic. The concept of strong work ethic is open to wide-range of interpretation. The purpose of our program is to learn how to ‘workout to outwork’ the opponent not only in football but in every subsequent aspect of real-life after football careers end. Work ethic in football has diminished during the past four decades. Diminished work ethic is a football crisis. It’s the real threat to the game because unprepared, untrained players are a threat to themselves and their teams.

Warp-speed no-huddle training, off and on the field, produces extremely fit players in body, mind, and soul. Building hard-working, extremely fit student-athletes clears my conscience. Anything less than high-level performance is a neglect of duty, by players and coaches. The key to warp-speed no-huddle training is reducing down time which dramatically improves recovery time. Improved recovery time doesn’t just happen. Work for it. Being afraid to work for it is another threat to the game.

Limiting the number of plays per game is the equivalent of limiting the number of hits a fighter throws and takes. And what exactly is the play limit that would satisfy those who fear warp-speed no-huddle? Where’s the evidence? And how do you measure the impact per play? Are all impacts created equal? Are all hits created equal? Are all plays created equal? The fear of warp-speed no-huddle is the fear of working for it. The same fear that limits performance is every element of real-life, professionally and personally.

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Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)
Head coach – Niagara X-men football
Owner – X Fitness Inc.

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