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The most important connection you can make

Modernity teaches us that we need “connections” to get our dream jobs, our dream promotions, to start our dream business, and to make all our dreams come true. But the most important connection is not external. It’s internal. The connection between mind, body, and soul is the single-most important connection that determines what dream-world you end up in – the world of make-believe dreaming or the world of making dreams reality.

The soul is the pack-leader of the mind-body-soul chain. The soul is in charge. The soul makes demands that have to be carried out by the body but the instructions go through the mind. The soul is the power source but the mind is the broadcast-center.

The mind is the delivery-agent, the messenger that acts as the intermediary in the mind-body-soul chain that connects the elements of the soul to its physical manifestations. The biggest problem with the mind is that it’s the weakest link in the chain. The mind is easily manipulated by evil, making it an easy target. Without a fight, all hell breaks loose. Tortured mind, tortured soul. And vice-versa. Then the body follows. The body is a follower not a leader. The body doesn’t have a mind of its own. The mind is a separate entity but it’s flawed. The mind is susceptible to pressure exerted by evil. Unless it’s fit, the mind will crack under pressure.

When the mind gets attacked, the casualty count depends on how well-trained the mind is. The conditioning of the mind determines the condition of the soul and the body. The strength of the mind determines the strength of the soul and the body. The health of the mind determines the health of the soul and body. The soul, mind, body connection is a complex process but in its simplest form, alignment is needed to get the point across. Strength of the chain depends on how straight the chain is.

Because the mind is the soft spot in the chain, the soul has backup – the conscience. The mind is the easiest link to break because it was given free will, the capacity to choose one way or another after it listens to all the voices, good or bad. The Inner Voice of our Conscience often gets shut out because evil makes is an attention-seeking junky capable of making the loudest noise to achieve its objectives of wasting your God-given gifts so that you underachieve all the way to record-setting lows. And so the fight starts. The clash between the inner voices that, left unchecked, can turn into a bloodbath. If all hell is allowed to break loose, the lows with outnumber the highs until you sink into a hell-hole that needs professional backup to help you escape. Winning the fight of lows and highs takes professional fighting skills. Winning the fight needs the 50 Laws of Lifting.

This is a potential excerpt of a book I just finished writing yesterday called “Lifter’s High.” I’m considering using this excerpt as the preface to introduce the book and explain what the book is about. Or I might use this as an advertisement on our website to promote the book. It all depends on the response I get from readers, whether they like it or hate it. As always, our readers have different ways to send their comments – directly on this blog or email me through this website or email me on my personal email at or message me through Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter. As always, I appreciate the time you take to read my blog and the comments that you send. I don’t take either for granted.

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