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The ignorance and arrogance of racism and bigotry.

I went green a long time ago with a conscious effort to stop air pollution by not letting any form of mainstream news enter my mind. Yesterday, I made the foolish mistake of reading this newspaper article that was open to this page, on the front counter of my gym, X Fitness:

Racists and bigots are both ignorant and arrogant by believing they are superior to others because of differences. I thought that derogatory racial name-calling went out with bell-bottoms, mullets, and disco. I thought that our social level of consciousness had been raised beyond the primitive stage. Apparently it hasn’t.

Racial and bigot name-calling are synonyms for low-IQ and low-life. That’s the message that racists and bigots try to send to us who have been victim of one-word ethnic stereotyping. They are not terms of endearment. Every time I’ve been subjected to ethnic stereotyping, the central insult was low-intelligence and lower social status because of it. It was clear to me that we were viewed as second-class citizens or lower. Here’s how I handled it in the 60’s and 70’s – fuel. I handled bigotry the same way as when anyone calls my football teams ‘losers’ – score points. Lots of points. The scoreboard shuts up the ignorant and arrogant. Don’t let it burn you up, pile it up. Pile up the points. Score more and more and more and more points until the label changes. Changing the scoreboard changes the label.

Speaking of disco, I’ve included the best disco workout song of all-time, from 1976. The link is after my signature. May we never stop lifting. Changing the world happens one lift at a time. This is an excerpt from another new book I’m writing called “Lifter’s High.”


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