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If you know chronic complainers, here’s a story for them to listen to.

Peter Cicalo’s story is a life-saving story. And it gives a new definition of ‘pro athlete.’

Changing self-destructive habits isn’t easy. It involves a #process of complex dynamics that exceed the typical ‘5-points-to-a better-life’ checklists commonly found in the growing number of adult fairy tales on the Internet. There is no straight line from bad habits to good habits. There is no linear path that changes self-destruction and reverses its side-effects. The destruction of self-destructive habits requires a psychological bloodbath to win the fight against all the temptations that try to kill us psychically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Then you have to keep fighting to prevent their return. Real-life makes sure that the fight is never over because the fight is never-ending. It’s a life-long war. The key is to win more rounds that you lose but the fight keeps going. For as long as you’re alive, real-life make you fight the war of habits.

Peter Cicalo beat staggering odds to change his life and to save his life. Peter is not a famous professional athlete but his story is more impressive because it’s a real-life grassroots story. It’s a story that you and I can relate to. It’s a real-life fight, not for million-dollar contracts, not for TV ratings, not for box-office receipts, not for the glorification of professional athletes who adoring fans live vicariously through. The ‘Peter Cicalo Story’ is bigger. It’s the story of a life-saving ‘athletic career’ that surpasses the conventional ‘pro athletic career’ that we’ve been brainwashed to believe is the only one that exists or even matters. Peter Cicalo is one example of the new definition of ‘pro athlete.’

Peter Cicalo’s story is an example of #TheProcess needed to get Fit for Duty. Every career, business, and sport carries an obligation to be “fit for duty.” You owe it to yourself and your team. It’s your responsibility. Being fit for duty ties in with Blunt Talk Podcast’s self-sabotage series because being fit for duty involves a fight against self-sabotage to build life-long fitness in mind, body, and soul. Your organization depends on you being fit for duty. Without it, accountability ceases to exist. Being unfit for duty constitutes the highest level of neglect.

Peter Cicalo was guest on Blunt Talk ‪#‎Podcast‬‬‬‬, Episode #15 called “Fit For Duty. Self-Sabotage part 2.” Peter is an ex-police officer, entrepreneur, and marathon runner who is training for his first ultra-marathon. Peter shares insights about how he changed his life and how he started his running career after a life-threatening illness. If you know chronic complainers who can’t stop making excuses, lift them up by sending them this link. It will change their lives. Here is the link: Blunt Talk


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