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If you can die, don’t live a lie.

This is for those who asked for it – thank you.
If you can die, don’t live a lie. That’s what I taught all my football players and college law enforcement students for 4 decades – if you can get killed in a job or sport, take it seriously with life-and-death urgency.
#Complacency kills. #Contentment is an anabolic agent of complacency. This video at the bottom of this article summarizes what I have told all my #teams since I started coaching in 1975.
The moment you are content with having done enough in the middle of a workout or practice, you are sliding downward toward the hell of complacency, a potentially lethal condition that makes you a threat to yourself, your team, and every human affected by your performance.
Complacency is deadly to prime health in mind-body-soul in any high-risk job or sport. If you can die, don’t live a lie has been my coaching mission statement since 1975. My job as coach/professor is not to count #likes. I’ve told my teams that if you’re pissed off at how hard I push you, you are confronting the lies you have been told your whole life about what a superstar you are. You have enough #cheerleaders, people who make you feel good no matter how bad you under-achieve.
Preventing your team from death or maiming or getting busted-up physically and psychologically is a deep, profound expression of #love. Being pissed off at anyone who wants to make you #strongerandsmarter is evidence of serious #AssBackwardMentality.
The toughest exercise of all is the exercise of free will. If your primary goal is to increase your #friends list and win the #like contest, please go to another team. That’s been my message for 43 years of coaching and teaching and always will be.
#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter
Blessings and all good things

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