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I hit rock bottom

I admit it. I hit rock bottom today when I Googled “Tomlin Harbaugh handshake.”

My father hated football with a passion. He hated hockey just as much. He hated them for their meaninglessness.

“They’re getting paid. You’re not. Do you think they will send you money by watching them???”

That’s how it translated from Italian. Without Google translator. I thought he was nuts. I can’t argue with him now. That’s why I won’t spend a dime or time watching it live or on TV. But I’m an addict. I have to check the hi-lights. I have to check every day. It’s like a rubber-neck addiction. I have to stop and watch the train-wreck sports/news. Every time I do, I pay for it. I beat myself up for not listening to him. He was right. It’s mind-numbing.

“God help me” is all I thought after I clicked on the video. Two grown men – millionaires – shaking hands in controversy after a football game. Seriously, God help me. My blood boiled. John Harbaugh acted like a condescending punk. Post-game handshakes are disingenuous juvenile tradition, part of the conventional-thinking football hypocrisy that believes everyone should think and act the same. I have coached football for 40 seasons and have never understood the football culture of conformity. I’ve never had any desire to shake hands after a game. We spend hours trying to beat the piss out of each other, then we’re supposed to shut it off and be cordial. Like the Ralph and Sam cartoon. “Morning, Ralph.” “Morning, Sam. Then they beat each other to a pulp all day until quitting time – “Evening, Ralph.” “Evening, Sam.”

Tomlin should have kept on going. Harbaugh acted like he was scolding a child. Harbaugh acted like an attention-seeking fool. What pissed me off, in order, was: (i) why Tomlin dignified Harbaugh by allowing himself to get pulled back (ii) Harbaugh’s childish facial expressions afterward (iii) listening to fools on TV last night defending Harbaugh.

My father was right. I can’t take that time back. No re-plays. I have two businesses to run, I have books that have to get published, I have to workout, I have my own football team to worry about, I have two beautiful granddaughters who are more mature than football coaches. Why on Earth would I waste time and energy getting pissed off over the way two millionaires shook hands? God help me.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking time to read this blog. Peace.