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I don’t want to get too muscular

Sometime this year, I either have passed or will pass a milestone – 250,000th curl. I did my first set of curls in 1969, the same month when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Last night I did a biceps workout that included 18 sets of 4 different types of curls. 193 total reps. Rough calculation shows that I have passed or I’m about to pass the quarter-million mark in curls. I despise talking about biceps workouts and biceps in general. It ranks with death as one of my least favorite/favourite subjects. Two reasons why: (i) it doesn’t stimulate my mind (ii) it’s one of those things that’s worth doing but not talking about. So why am I writing about it? To get a couple of points across.

Point #1. I can’t describe the pump I experienced after 194 total curl reps. Then I hit the speed bag and heavy bag. Then I ran. Then I pounded back loads of protein and home-made BCAA-glutamine drink that I consume all day long. And I’m positive I’ve put on fat overnight. I get confused when I hear people say, “I don’t want to get too muscular.” I’ve never understood what that means. I have cracked quarter-million curls and I still can’t get too muscular. I fight fat every day of my life. I’ve wanted to get “too muscular” since the first lunar landing. If someone can enlighten me about how to get “too muscular,” I will hire you to coach me because I want to get “too muscular.” Forty-three years of continuous working out hasn’t done the trick. So, I’m willing to hire those who have the secret of getting “too muscular” as a strength coach. Of course I’m being sarcastic but the myth of getting “too muscular’ is out of control. I’m trying to do my part to dispel that myth.

Point #2. I never, ever get into debates about workout programs. Ever. I respect anyone who lifts anything. How they lift and what they lift is none of my business. But, I did get into one online pissing contest defending my Scared Curls. I saw a post slamming biceps as “beach muscles.” I fell to temptation and broke my personal vow to never get into online sand-fights. I wrote a “how dare you” commentary defending the honor/honour of curls. It was juvenile and immature but worth it. Curls are deeply ingrained in our championship rings. Rolling up the jersey sleeves and showing off the artillery was a huge part of our first undefeated championship in 1985 and every one since then. It’s a timeless fashion statement. And big biceps builds armour/armor and they’re a force of nature that dramatically increase 225RM bench press and blocking and tackling and everything else that goes into earning a championship ring. Curls are part of our football family. Have to defend family when family comes under fire.

On an unrelated note, I saw an episode of Heartland last week. Lou Fleming started a blog that, quite frankly, was lame. But she got a big sponsor. I believe the reason was that she gave her blog a catchy name. I’m doing the same. I’m naming the blog “Blunt Talk” because I want to get a sponsor like Lou Fleming did. I’m one of those people who say “I never watch TV” and then watch ‘chosen’ series late at night but not at the regular TV times. Heartland is a terrific Canadian TV series because: (i) there’s no blood & guts (ii) very few episodes piss me off (iii) the characters are nice people (iv) I’d like to visit Heartland and hang out there. In other words, its peaceful.

The first day of spring practice for the Oakville Longhorns football team is next Friday. This is my 31st season as head coach. My 41st season overall. Anything short of a championship ring is unacceptable. Why? Because that’s the point of competing. They don’t give out participation ribbons.


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