How to stop a High-Speed Passing Attack

The reason they call it #PassAttack is that your defense will become a #victim of mauling if Post-Modern High-Speed Passing is allowed to #AttackAtWill – dual meaning. 

First meaning: Attack without resistance, without fighting back, against a #defenseless victim.

Second meaning: Attack the opponent’s most sensitive area – will. 

S/he who attacks most, wins the most.

The most basic fundamental #coordinator principle that governs offense, defense and special team #coordinating is Coordinator Lesson #22,708 – on every play, one side attacks while the other side is attacked. This applies on every single play at every level of #football, on every #GameDay, anywhere in the world. The attacker always wins the play. The victim always loses the play. Whether you are a rookie coordinator or veteran coordinator, this basic fundamental should be your governing ideology regardless of what system you believe in or what unit you are coordinating. When you study film of the opponent or of your own unit, the first statistic you should figure out is the Attack Ratio – number of plays you attacked versus number of plays you were the victim of attack. That is the main evidence need to solve any of your mysteries.

High-speed passing is a Post-Modern Attack because the #football establishment was stuck in first gear for most of the 20th century and into the 21st century. Then a transformation occurred – #OffensiveCoordinators learned the rules. They learned that: 

  1. the play clock between plays was a maximum time-limit not a mandatory time-limit. 
  2. the combined effect of two rules: minimum 7 players on the line of scrimmage and motion/shift rules, opened possibilities that used to be considered impossibilities 
  3. the field is 53.3 yards wide. 
  4. QBs are not to be feared by their own coaches. QBs are to be feared by the other team.
  5. QBs should not be the defender of attack but the offender.
  6. Defenses don’t practice at high-speed. They practice somewhere stuck between neutral and first gear.
  7. It’s humanly impossible to defend what you have never prepared for.
  8. If your defense is not breaking speed limits in practice, no-huddle offenses with break speed limits and break your defense’s will, turning them into human blocking sleds.

WillPower will power.

The most neglected element by #Coordinators of any unit is #Will. The difference between Winning Big and getting the piss beat out of you is the degree of Individual Will and Unit Will.

Will-Power is the force that will power your unit to the top of the standings and win Championship Rings. You can’t Google “How to get more Will Power.” The mystery of WillPower cannot be reduced to a simple 5-step process that can turn your unit from Goliath to David overnight. 

Will-Power is built one rep at a time through the development of the 4 E’s – energy, effort, exertion, execution. Energy is the main element of a high-speed passing attack, the catalyst that generates 5th Degree Effort and 5th Degree Exertion intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, that results in 5th Degree Execution, the #superstar level of execution that attacks and mauls the other team.

Rhythm + Flow

#Chemistry is one of the top 26 most regurgitated, recycled words in sports. High-Speed Passing Attacks are constructed by shared energy, resulting is the most important element of relentless, merciless attacks that kill the will of your opponent – 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow.

Shared SOULar Energy results in the is the #SuperPower that fuels all High-Speed Passing Offenses – 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow. 

Here’s the good news – an offense operating on 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow cannot be stopped. Guaranteed. 100% fact with overwhelming evidence to corroborate it.

Here’s the bad news – 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens Nothing good or bad just happens coincidentally, randomly, accidentally, or overnight.

More good news – any offense regardless of experience and natural talent can be trained to operate at 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow.

More bad news – the #1 blocker of 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow is offensive coaches –  coaches who are addicted to interrupting practice to lecture players over and over and over trying to correct mistakes with #AssBackward teaching methods.

The best way to stop a High-Speed Passing Attack is to let the opposing Offensive Coordinator and offensive position coaches compulsively interrupt 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow with non-stop instruction that disrupts non-stop passing attack generated by 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow. Let the opposing coaches micromanage opposing offenses by slowing down passing attacks in practice and expecting High-Speed Passing Attacks on GameDay.

Here are the most important fundamentals that build 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow:

  1. Basic Learning and Applied Learning are two separate concepts. 
  2. Basic Learning is achieved at slow-speed.
  3. Applied Learning progresses from slow-speed to high-speed.
  4. Confusing these two pedagogical concepts will turn your coordinator job into hell –  the hell of beleaguered players who piss off coaches who then piss off players when its time to #LetThemPlay in practice during 11-on-11
  5. One of the most neglected pedagogical principles by coordinators is #SelfCorrection, the #NaturalCorrection that any player can achieve without incessant interruption during 11-on-11.
  6. If a coach cannot correct a mistake in the 8 seconds between no-huddle plays, one of two problems exist: (i) your initial teaching was incompetent, or (ii) your correction is incompetent. The pedagogical principle of Maximum Information – Minimum Words is the essential element to correct egregious mistakes during 11-on-11 with disrupting 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow.
  7. Never confuse Indy-Time with 11-on-11. Indy Time is Basic teaching time. 11-on-11 is Applied Learning Time where players naturally correct the minor mistakes and coaches correct major mistakes with minimal 8-second instruction without turning 11-on-11 into Indy Time.
  8. If you’re a Defensive Coordinator, never fear a high-speed passing attack because 5th Degree Rhythm + Flow is rare. 98.6% will never achieve it because of flawed practices. But beware of the 1.4% who do. They will #AttackAtWill – both meanings.

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